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Physical examination slides

Basic Clinical Skills Slides Introduction to the Orthopedic Examination By Ronald L. Huckstep. Professor of Orthopedic and Traumatic Surgery, Universities of Sydney and New South Wales, Australia. Gastrointestinal Scenarios and the Patient Perspective Melanie G. Hagen, MD Rebecca R. Pauly, MD University of Florida School of Medicine Performing a History and Physical The SOAP Note… Read More »

Cardiology Slides

Webinars by Adult Congenital Heart Association Congestive Heart Failure: From Basics to Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment. Raymond Leun CARDIOVASCULAR PHYSIOLOGY Ischemic heart diseases With Pathology slides Coronary artery disease By Punit Goel, MD ; University of Missouri Hospital. 80 slides and describes in detail about the risk factors and consequences of coronary artery… Read More »

Biochemistry slides

  Nutritional biochemistry The topics in nutritional biochemistry lectures are obesity , Atkins diet , benefits of weight loss , programming in early life , General Nutrition Principles and Macronutrients , Micronutrients: Vitamins, Minerals and Trace Elements. Lectures by the University of Florida   Biochemistry  Structural Proteins , Extra cellular Collagen , and their clinical… Read More »