Medical and dentistry Textbooks


R Books/resources for medical professionals

R is a powerful open source free statistical tool used now extensively in all fields due to its ease of applications/functions and powerful graphic tools.

Microbiology online Textbooks

Complete online textbooks like Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple, Practical Microbiology, online textbook of bacteriology, Microbiology: A laboratory manual and Pharmaceutical Microbiology.

Plastic surgery

MCCQE plastic surgery revision short book, plastic and reconstructive surgery, nasal dysfunction clinic, facial plastic surgery are main textbooks.


Read Neurosurgery textbooks in PDF format

Dentistry Books

On operative dentistry, endodontics, oral radiology, oral surgery and many more.

Biostatistics books

Online biostatistics books, lectures and tutorials.

Forensic Medicine

Physiology Books

Nursing books


Lectures are compiled from renowned medical Universities


General and special surgery books such as Surgery: Scientific Principles and Practice, bedside surgical procedures, practical management of pain, muscle injuries and transplant surgery, atlases and surgery notes.

Med Student

Physical examination videos/ bed side diagnosis, Introduction to the ICU for the medical students, House officer’s survival guide, USMLE guide and physiology book links for medical students.


Notes on anatomy of cranial cavity, interactive human dissection, anatomy tables, Links of Gross anatomy books (Grey’s anatomy etc), histology slides and atlases, embryology atlases and glossary, interactive anatomy exams and much more.


Links to cardiology textbooks, glossary and atlas, evidence based cardiology guidelines by American Heart Association and online ECG learning resources.

Health Promotion

Health promotion online course, lectures, and other resources.


Diagnostic handbooks of different investigative techniques, genitourinary imaging, imaging of muscle injuries, joint fluoroscopy, mammography, and contrast echocardiography.

Pulmonary Medicine

Tuberculosis handbook, pulmonary short revision book for MCCQE exam, The ICU book and pulmonary textbooks from MerckMedicus.


Danforth’s Obstetrics & Gynecology from MerckMedicus, revision book for obstetrics and gynecology for medical students and for some exams, and malaria in pregnancy book by WHO.

Anesthesia Textbooks

Textbooks include the virtual and global textbook of Anesthesiology, anesthesia techniques, pulse oximetry textbook, short textbook and vascular anesthesia.

Biochemistry books

Main books include Interactive biochemistry learning textbook, concepts of biochemistry, medical biochemistry lectures and clinical case tutorials. 


Interactive dermatology atlases, handbook of dermatology, histology slides of dermatology conditions, short textbooks, quizzes and procedure videos.

Health Economics

Introduction, glossary, market failure, equity and economic evaluation of the healthcare are the topics covered by the online books and lectures on health economics plus video lectures by The University of Washington.

Medical Dictionaries

Free online medical dictionaries and glossaries of dermatology, cardiology, epidemiology and pharmaco-epidemiology.

Ear, Nose Throat

Links for ENT books such as Dr. Quinn’s Online Textbook of Otolaryngology, handbook of nasal disease, pediatric Otolaryngology, sinusitis treatment plan, atlases and multimedia ENT videos and conferences.

Emergency Medicine

Latest resuscitation guidelines, trauma handbook, emergency medicine guidelines by American College of emergency physicians, and handbook of emergency medicine.


Endocrinology e-handbook, Principles and Practice of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Thyroid diseases and comprehensive endocrine web-textbook.

Family Medicine

Family medicine and practice textbooks, primary care clinical guidelines, and community medicine revision book.


Endoscopy atlas, Gastrointestinal video atlas, revision short book, liver diseases and principles of gastroenterology.


Pediatrics orthopedics, short textbook of pediatrics pediatric cardiology, pediatric emergency and pediatric surgery.


Genetics textbooks include genetic mapping, statistics in genetics, bacterial genetics and population genetics.


Merck Manual of geriatrics, short book of revision, and geriatrics glossary.


Hematology textbooks, lectures and interactive cases.

Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases guidelines on tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases by WHO, pocket guide to malaria prevention and control and current therapy of the infectious diseases.


Some of the titles include online Harrison textbook of medicine by MerckMedicus, Cecil textbook of medicine, hospital medicine and Humes: Kelley’s Textbook of Internal Medicine.

Mental Health

Psychiatrics online short textbook for exam revision.


Nephrology short textbook for exam revision, nephrology manual and diseases of kidney and urinary tract.

Epidemiology books

Various electronic statistics books with examples and tutorials on difficult concepts.


Neurology short book, Merritt’s neurology and epilepsy.


Manual of clinical oncology, Wintrobe’s clinical hematology, and high dose cancer therapy.   


Free Ophthalmology textbooks and contains more than dozen eye atlases.


Principles of fracture management, muscle injuries, short book, pediatric orthopedics and orthopedic surgery.


Renal dosing protocols, antimicrobial therapy guidelines, vaccine information, tuberculosis drug information and many other titles.


Rheumatology textbooks, revision book, lecture notes and Manual of Rheumatology and Outpatient Orthopedic Disorders


Online Urology books.

USMLE 1 Books

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USMLE 2 Books

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