Medical Mcqs

Clinical MCQs on the spinal cord

Clinical MCQs on the parietal bone

MCQs on the occipital bone

MCQs on the tibia bone

Multiple Choice Questions on the Clavicle bone

MCQs on Cholera vaccine

MCQs on Dengue vaccines

MCQs on Cancer Immunotherapy

MCQs on Good Clinical Laboratory Practices(GCLP)

MCQs on Good Documentation Practice

100 MCQs on Good Clinical Practices (GCP)

MCQs on clinical trials

Multiple Choice Questions on Schizophrenia

Plab Question Bank

Multiple Choice Questions on Developmental Abnormalities

Multiple Choice Questions on Comparative Embryology

Multiple Choice Questions on Organogenesis

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) MCQs

Embryology MCQs

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) on Dental Anatomy

Multiple Choice Questions about the Femoral Artery

MCQs about systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)

MCQs on Metastatic tumors

MCQs on wearable biosensors

MCQs on Regenerative Medicine

MCQs on Omicron Corona virus variant

Clinical questions with answers on Neonatal Jaundice

Clinical questions on Precision Medicine

MCQs on Rheumatology

USMLE-Type Clinical Questions on Pathophysiology

Clinical scenario questions for operative dentistry

100 clinical case scenarios for endodontics

Operative dentistry BCQsMCQs on JaundiceMCQs on mRNA vaccines

Gene Editing MCQs

Clinical Questions on Gynecology and Obstetrics

Plastic Surgery MCQs

Self-assessment clinical questions for microbiology

Urology-related MCQs

100 Clinical Case Scenarios on Biochemistry

Gynecology and Obstetrics MCQs

Epidemiology MCQs

Physiology MCQs

Clinical scenario questions on chest X-ray interpretation

Self-assessment clinical questions on microbiology

Self-Assessment clinical questions on Nephrology

Urology-related MCQs

100 clinical scenario questions on oral surgery

Neuroanatomy MCQs

USMLE 2 question bank

Clinical scenario questions for operative dentistry

100 clinical case scenarios on endodontics

100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on biostatistics

100 clinical case scenarios on Biochemistry

Dentistry Quiz Bank

Hundreds of questions on all dentistry specialties.

Problem-based OBS/GYN clinical cases

An excellent resource for examination by Dr. Manisha Patel

Essential revision notes for part 2 MRCOG

By Pastest

Military obs and gyn mcqs

Hundreds of true-false and matching questions.

Essential obs/gyn MCQs for medical students

By Pastest

Final year Model Gyn/Obs questions

By University of health sciences, Lahore, Pakistan

OBS/GYN Multiple choice questions


Thousands of questions by Web physiology

  1. Mid-term exam questions Part 1, part 2,
  2. Final exams part 1, part 2
  3. Practice midterm
  4. Physiology cases part 1, part 2
  5. Gastrointestinal system part 1, Part 2,
  6. Endocrine part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4,
  7. Respiratory system part 1, part 2
  8. Body fluids
  9. Temperature
  10. Cardiorespiratory system
  11. Genitourinary system
  12. Musculoskeletal system

Pathology Questions

Thousands of questions on each system.

Pathway quizzes for neuroanatomy

Interactive quizzes

ECG quizzes

Test your knowledge of ECG interpretation.

Biostatistics Case Studies

Toronto notes questions

Hundreds of questions on all specialties with answer keys.

MCQs on nephrology

Hundreds of MCQs and practice questions and answers on nephrology.

Surgery review with case scenarios

Hundreds of case scenarios with explanations By Carlos Pestana of the University of Texas

Forensic Science

Hundreds of True False, multiple choice, and matching questions in all chapters of Criminalistics (An Introduction to forensic science. Ninth edition).

Past papers

University college cork, Ireland mcqs

This website has essential lectures and MCQs for medical students on topics of ophthalmology(114 MCQs), surgery 1,2,3, 4, and 5, medicine 1,2, geriatrics, past pediatrics exam papers, final year pediatrics clinical exam questions, past surgery exam papers, final year medicine short cases pictures (file size 23 MB), biochemistry clinical cases which includes acid-base, fluid and electrolyte cases, LFT cases, and lipoprotein cases.

This website contains over 1800 true/false clinical cases, matching, and BOF questions on all medical specialties. To access the question bank, you need to register for free.

EMQs and MCQs for Medical Finals By Jonathan Bath

Access the book, through the Google Books project. However, some pages are not available.

The master surgeon

Over 120 MCQs, 5EMQs, and 20 tutorials for medical students preparing for the exams.


Pharmacology MCQs

Pharmacology MCQs on drug dosage calculation, renal, cardiovascular pharmacology, toxicology, etc.

Epidemiology MCQs

Infectious Diseases MCQs

Self-assessment questions, tetanus immunity, and study cases.

Genetics Past exam papers

With answers

Psychiatry MCQs

A mock psychiatry exam question.

Clinical neurology

Fifty questions on neurologic bladder, bowel, and sexual dysfunction.

Central Nervous System ( Radiology)

Physiology  MCQs

True false mcqs for medical students on body fluids, cardiovascular, circulation, and respiratory system.

Oral pathology MCQs

Forty-five true-false questions on oral pathology.

Special pathology

Ten problem-based questions.

Microbiology MCQs

More than 100 MCQs

Neurosurgery MCQs

More than 100 questions.

Respiratory Cytology MCQs

Renal pathology 1 MCQs

Clinical Case-based questions relating to renal pathology.

Renal pathology 2 MCQs

True false renal pathology mcqs

Oncology MCQs

Renal pathology review 1

Renal pathology review 2

Renal pathology review 3

By the department of pathology, Virginia commonwealth university. Diagnose the renal pathology slides.

European Board of Urology MCQs

Urology MCQs/EMQs

Anatomy Interactive exams


General surgery and orthopedic question database.

Anaesthesia Mcqs

Free plab 1 questions

Contains hundreds of free Plab 1 questions.

Acid-base  Disturbances

Canadian Anesthetic MCQ Collection

The Toronto FRCP 1997 Collection

Canadian MCQ Collection ONE

Dr. Andrew Pybus

Cardiology Mcqs







True/false questions 1

241 questions on family medicine

549 on public health

264 on psychiatry

664 on pediatrics

792 on obs/gyn

True/false questions 2

1026 questions on neurology

946 on internal medicine

623 on surgery

Embryology case studies

Nutritional diseases

Dermatology self-test

100 questions

Skin diseases Quiz


A question bank of over 5000 MCQs. Synap lets students create their own MCQs or practice others and creates a personal revision plan based on what they must study each day.


USMLE Q bank.



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