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Online medical textbooks and lectures

Book Review: “Porth’s Essentials of Pathophysiology 5th Edition”

“Porth’s Essentials of Pathophysiology” is a venerable cornerstone in the realm of pathophysiology education, and the fifth edition continues to excel as an indispensable resource for students and healthcare professionals. This edition, authored by Tommie Norris and Carol Porth, carries forward the book’s rich legacy of providing a comprehensive and accessible understanding of pathophysiology. One… Read More »

Book Review: Concise Guide to APA Style 7th Edition

“Concise Guide to APA Style: 7th Edition (OFFICIAL) Seventh Edition” is an essential reference for anyone navigating the intricacies of the American Psychological Association (APA) style. In this concise yet comprehensive guide, the APA provides clear and up-to-date guidelines for academic writing, citation, and manuscript preparation. The seventh edition of the APA style guide reflects… Read More »

Book Review: “Lab Manual for Inquiry into Life 16th Edition” by Sylvia Mader

Sylvia Mader’s “Lab Manual for Inquiry into Life” has long been a trusted companion for biology students, and the sixteenth edition continues to deliver an exceptional hands-on learning experience. This lab manual is an indispensable resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of biology through practical exploration. One of the most notable strengths of this… Read More »

Book Review: “Leadership in Nursing Practice: The Intersection of Innovation and Teamwork in Healthcare Systems

“Leadership in Nursing Practice” by Daniel Weberg and Kara Mangold stands as a beacon in the ever-evolving landscape of nursing leadership and healthcare systems. The fourth edition of this book continues to set the standard for understanding the intricate relationship between innovation, teamwork, and effective leadership in healthcare. One of the most compelling aspects of… Read More »

Book Review: “Clinical Calculations Made Easy: Solving Problems Using Dimensional Analysis 7th Edition” by Gloria P. Craig

Gloria P. Craig’s “Clinical Calculations Made Easy” is a venerable cornerstone in the realm of healthcare education, and the seventh edition continues to shine as a trusted guide for mastering pharmaceutical calculations. With a clear and systematic approach, this book demystifies complex calculations, making it an essential resource for students and professionals in healthcare. One… Read More »

Book Review: “Visualizing: The Lifespan (Visualizing Series) 1st Edition” by Jennifer Tanner, Amy Warren, and Daniel Bellack

“Visualizing: The Lifespan” is a groundbreaking addition to the field of lifespan development. Authored by Jennifer Tanner, Amy Warren, and Daniel Bellack, this 1st edition of the “Visualizing Series” offers a fresh and engaging approach to understanding the complexities of human development across the lifespan. One of the standout features of this book is its… Read More »

Book Review: “Physics With Health Science Applications 2nd Edition” by Paul Peter Urone

Paul Peter Urone’s “Physics With Health Science Applications” has emerged as a welcome addition to the world of physics education, particularly tailored for students pursuing health science disciplines. The second edition of this book continues to bridge the gap between physics and healthcare, providing a comprehensive and accessible resource. One of the outstanding features of… Read More »

Conducting and Reading Research in Kinesiology book review

“Conducting and Reading Research in Kinesiology” has long been regarded as a foundational resource for students and researchers in the field of kinesiology, and the sixth edition continues to uphold this reputation. Written by accomplished authors Ted A. Baumgartner and Larry D. Hensley, this edition offers a comprehensive and updated guide to the intricacies of… Read More »

Moore’s Essential Clinical Anatomy book review

Moore’s Essential Clinical Anatomy is a comprehensive textbook that provides a detailed overview of human anatomy for medical students and healthcare professionals. The book is written by Keith L. Moore, a respected anatomist and professor of anatomy, and is currently in its 7th edition. One of the strengths of Moore’s Essential Clinical Anatomy is its… Read More »

Brain dissection

Anatomy video of brain dissection. Source: @scientissimum#MedTwitter — Hugo Chrost (@chrost_hugo) April 5, 2023 Here are some online resources for brain dissection: 1. Neuroanatomy Video Lab: Brain Dissections – Neurologic Exam – The University of Utah[1]– This series of neuroanatomy video lessons provides brain dissections for educational purposes. It aims to help students understand… Read More »

R (statistical program) Books for medical professionals

R is a powerful open source free statistical tool/software  used now extensively in all fields due to its ease of applications/functions and powerful graphic tools. Here we describe different resources of R for medical professions. R for Dummies Start with  this book. Written in a simple and concise manner and helpful for people with no… Read More »

Pathophysiology of Disease: An Introduction to Clinical Medicine 7/E

Authors:  Gary D. Hammer , Stephen J. McPhee Pages: 784 Edition: 7th edition (2014) ISBN-10: 0071806008 ISBN-13: 978-0071806008 Description: Written in a concise manner for medical students, interns and house officers for understanding the pathophysiology of 120 diseases. There case studies and self assessment questions at the end of each chapter. There are total of 120… Read More »

Neurosurgery textbooks

Glial neoplasms A free chapter from textbook of neurological surgery. Brain Tumors: Neurosurgical treatment A PPT by The LSU-Shreveport Department of Neurosurgery on types, etiology, treatment options and prognosis of different brain tumors. Differential Diagnosis in Neurology and Neurosurgery By Tsementzis,S.A. A 352 pages in PDF format is good read for post graduate… Read More »

Microbiology online Textbooks

Microbiology and Immunology On-line Online textbook covering the areas of immunology, bacteriology, virology, parasitology,  mycology and infectious disease.  Edited by  Richard Hunt, Ph.D. Professor of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology, University of South Carolina School of Medicine. Sherris Medical Microbiology; Introduction to infectious diseases Kenneth J. R Ya N, MD, Fourth Edition, 995 pages Clinical… Read More »

Anatomy ebooks

Products Price Anatomy & Physiology  Boundless Cobb’s Anatomy  Irvin S. (Irvin Shrewsbury) Cobb The Anatomy Coloring Book: Pearson New International Edition  Wynn Kapit Anatomy of the Moving Body, Second Edition: A Basic Course in Bones, Muscles, and Joints  Theodore Dimon Jr. $9.99 Surgical Anatomy  Joseph Maclise Anatomy and Physiology For Dummies®  Donna Rae Siegfried $13.41… Read More »

Urology books and lecture notes

Pediatric Urology Online book sponsored by Oceana therapeutics with videos and regular chapter updates. Urology Urology revision book for medical students in PDF format. Hypospadias Anatomy, embryology and treatment of Hypospadias. A Lecture by University of Oklahoma Medical Center. Guideline for Management of the Clinical Stage 1 Renal Mass Detailed management guidelines in PDF  by… Read More »

Dentistry books and lecture notes

Dentistry Notes , exam questions and audio lectures School of dentistry, University of Minnesota is hosting unlimited number of lectures, articles, audio lectures with past exams on almost every topic of dentistry. Must visit site for dental students. Dental Materials Science A lecture for 3rd year dental students hosted at Trinity College Dublin. Current… Read More »

Biostatistics online books and lecture notes

  Essential concepts of statistics 12 essential concepts of statistics are described in detail at GraphPad site. Intuitive biostatistics There 3 free sample online chapters from this book. Online Statistics education Detailed Lecture notes and videos for medical and post graduate students. PDF version is available here. Degree of freedom tutorial Written… Read More »