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Plastic Surgery Mnemonics

1. “FACE” for Facelift: Facelift Achieves Cosmetic Enhancement. 2. “SASSY” for Breast Implants: Silicone And Saline Surgical Yields. 3. “POTIONS” for Injectable Fillers: Plump Out Those Indentations Or Nasolabial Sagging. 4. “NOSE” for Rhinoplasty: Nasal Osteotomy Shapes Estheticity. 5. “MASK” for Mask Ventilation: Mandible, Airway, Seal, Kilogram (pressure applied). 6. “LIP” for Liposuction: Lipo Is… Read More »

Plastic Surgery MCQs

1. Which of the following is a common complication of breast augmentation surgery? a) Hematoma b) Seroma c) Implant rupture d) Capsular contracture e) All of the above 2. During a rhinoplasty procedure, which structure is commonly manipulated to reshape the nose? a) Nasal bone b) Nasal cartilage c) Nasal mucosa d) Nasal septum e)… Read More »