Plastic Surgery Mnemonics

By | August 3, 2023

1. “FACE” for Facelift: Facelift Achieves Cosmetic Enhancement.
2. “SASSY” for Breast Implants: Silicone And Saline Surgical Yields.
3. “POTIONS” for Injectable Fillers: Plump Out Those Indentations Or Nasolabial Sagging.
4. “NOSE” for Rhinoplasty: Nasal Osteotomy Shapes Estheticity.
5. “MASK” for Mask Ventilation: Mandible, Airway, Seal, Kilogram (pressure applied).
6. “LIP” for Liposuction: Lipo Is Performed.
7. “SHRINK” for Liposuction: Suction Helps Reduce Insidious Notorious Kilo’s.
8. “SNIP” for Incision Types: Subcutaneous, Nasal, Inframammary, Peri-areolar.
9. “BREAST” for Mastopexy (Breast Lift): Breast Rejuvenation Enhances Aesthetic Shape & Tautness.
10. “POUT” for Lip Augmentation: Plump Out Upper & Tract.
11. “SCALP” for Tissue Expansion: Subcutaneous, Catheter, Access, Location, Pump.
12. “TUG” for Tissue Transposition: Transfer Underneath Graft.
13. “VECTORS” for Rhytidectomy (Facelift): Vertical, Ear-to-ear, Cervicomental, Tail of eyebrow, Orbicularis oculi, Redraping of skin, Submental angle.
14. “GRAB” for Local Anesthesia: Gauge, Region, Aspirate, Bevel.
15. “PEEL” for Chemical Peels: Phenol, Exfoliation, Epidermis, Layers.
16. “RISK” for Informed Consent: Risks, Information, Signed, Knowledge.
17. “WRAP” for Surgical Dressing: Wound, Reduce, Apply, Pressure.
18. “BUMP” for Tissue Grafts: Bone, Ulcer, Muscle, Parotid.
19. “QUICK” for Wound Closure: Quality, Undermining, Interrupted, Closure, Knots.
20. “LIFT” for Mastectomy Flap Types: Latissimus dorsi, Inferior pedicle, Free TRAM, Transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous.
21. “FABULOUS” for Fat Transfer: Fat, Autologous, Buttocks, Upper & Lower extremities, Underlying muscle, Subcutaneous tissue.
22. “CIRCLE” for Skin Graft Donor Sites: Contralateral, Ipsilateral, Circumferential, Lower extremities, Extensor surfaces.
23. “ICE” for Cryotherapy: Immediate, Cold, Evaporative.
24. “BOTOX” for Botulinum Toxin: Blurred Vision, Overactivity, Twitching, Overcorrection, Xerostomia.
25. “SPF” for Sunscreen: Sun Protection Factor.
26. “BACON” for Hand Fractures: Boxer’s, Bennett’s, Avulsion, Colles’, Oblique, Nonunion.
27. “CHEEK” for Facial Nerve Branches: Cervical, Hypogastric, External, Endaural, Kissing.
28. “BLUE” for Venous Thrombosis: Bed rest, Leg elevation, Unfractionated heparin, Elastic compression stockings.
29. “SCALE” for Burn Severity: Superficial, Superficial partial-thickness, Deep partial-thickness, Full-thickness, Subdermal.
30. “LAUGH” for Nerve Transposition: Lingual, Auriculotemporal, Upper buccal, Great auricular, Hypoglossal.
31. “PIT” for Postoperative Hematoma: Pressure, Ice, Tourniquet.
32. “VEINS” for Sclerotherapy: Veins, Evaluate, Inject, No compression, Support hose.
33. “FACIAL” for Scalp Lacerations: Forehead, Angular, Crown, Infraorbital, Auricular, Lateral.
34. “CHEEKS” for Local Flaps: Cutaneous, Hinged, Esthetic, Effective, Key.
35. “SPONGE” for Local Flaps: Subdermal, Partial-thickness, Overexpansion, Nerve sparing, Grafting, Expansion.