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Surgical procedures

ENT Procedures Tracheostomy Dressing Nasopharyngeal Airway LBH Clinical Practice Manual Intubations Intubation: Stomal Head Tilt-Chin Lift Jaw Thrust  Cricothyroidotomy  Cricothyrotomy  Emergency Intubation  Oropharyngeal Airway  Orotracheal Intubation  Suctioning A Patient With A Tracheostomy Tube  Suctioning A Patient With An Endotracheal Tube (ETT)  Needle Thoracentesis  Episiotomy  Esophageal Tracheal Intubation  Positive Pressure Ventilation   General surgery procedures Sewing… Read More »

Pulmonary Procedures

Underwater Seal Drainage Ventilator Circuit Setups and Assembly Ventilator Emergency Vents and ABG’s Pulmonary Capillary Wedge Pressure Measure Pulmonary embolus Pulse Oximetry Oxygen Delivery Patient Receiving Ventilatory Assistance Moderate Oxygen Delivery Monitoring Alarm Parameters Monitoring Alarms – ICU/CCU Low Oxygen Delivery Ineffective Oxygen Delivery Humidification – Aerosol and Nebulizers High Oxygen Delivery Drawing ABG’s/Analysis Drawing… Read More »

Haematology Procedures

    Arterial Line Placement (Introduction)   Free video to show the arterial placement techniques published in The New England Journal of Medicine   by Ken Tegtmeyer, M.D., Glenn Brady, M.D., Susanna Lai, M.P.H., Richard Hodo, and Dana Braner, M.D Snakebite Treatment , Setup and Insertion of Central Venous Catheter , Setup and Insertion of… Read More »

General Topics

NCCLS Procedure for One Touch II Data Dock Blood Glucose Monitoring System , Electricity In ICU/CCU  Cooling Of Patients   CPAP Face Masks   Cleaning Of Electrical Equipment Contaminated With Body Products

Gastroenterology Procedures

  Total Parenteral Nutrition   Intra-Abdominal Pressure Monitoring   Insertion Of Nasogastric Tube   Fluids, IV ,Enteral Feeding   Abdominal radiograph, how to read an

Cardiovascular Procedures

Pacemakers Streptokinase   Emergency Defibrillation Emergency Defibrillation Transcutaneous Cardiac Pacing   Defibrillation   ECP Accreditation Cardio version

Anaesthesiology Procedures

Resuscitation Guidelines 2005 By the Resuscitation Council (UK) Wrist Block Radial Nerve Block Securing and Care of Endotracheal Tubes (ETT’s) Sedation and Paralysis Sedation of Patients in Intensive Care Unit Anesthesiology – Med students of The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Sengstaken-Blakemore Tube Ulnar Nerve Block Popliteal Block: Intertendinous (Posterior) Approach Popliteal Block: Lateral… Read More »