Medical Procedures


Anaesthesiology  Procedures

Securing and Care of Endotracheal Tubes (ETT’s), Sedation and Paralysis, Sedation of Patients in Intensive Care Unit, Spinal Anesthesia etc.

Haematology Procedures

Snakebite Treatment, Set-up and Insertion of Central Venous Catheter, Set up and Insertion of Pulmonary Artery Catheter, Removal of Arterial Line

Cardiovascular Procedures

Include description about Pacemakers, Streptokinase, Emergency Defibrillation etc

Gastroenterology procedures.

Total Parenteral Nutrition, Intra-Abdominal Pressure Monitoring, Insertion Of Nasogastric Tube  etc

General Procedures

Cooling Of Patients, CPAP Face Masks, Cleaning Of Electrical Equipment  Contaminated With Body Products etc

Nephrology Procedures

How to manage the Low urine output?

Pulmonary Procedures

Underwater Seal Drainage, Ventilator Circuit Setups and Assembly, Patient Receiving Ventilatory Assistance, Drawing ABG’s/Analysis, Chest Tube Insertion.

Obstetrics Procedures

Hypodermoclysis Technique, Vaginal Birth, Breech Birth.

ENT Procedures

Tracheostomy Dressing , Intubations, Cricothyroidotomy, Emergency Intubations.

General Surgery Procedures

Sewing a Wound Closed, Heparin Lock For Central Venous Catheter Lines

Orthopedic Procedures

Hand Splint


Head Injury Principles

Vascular surgery

IABP Review, Procedure – Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm 1