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ECG Analysis 2.4 from ADInstruments

ECG Analysis software from ADInstruments is a Windows-based software that can be used to analyze ECG data from a variety of sources, including Holter monitors, event recorders, and even smartphone ECGs. The software offers a wide range of features, including: * ECG morphology analysis * Arrhythmia detection * ST-segment analysis * QT interval measurement *… Read More »

Automated ECG Analysis Tool- Cardio AI

CardioAI is a software that enables better health surveillance using current assets in remote, difficult, or dangerous locations[1][4]. It provides accurate near real-time processing that permits early detection of health issues and enables timely intervention[1]. Here are some reviews and comparisons of CardioAI: -SourceForge: CardioAI has not received any reviews on SourceForge as of 2023[1].… Read More »

Self-assessment questions on ECG interpretation:

1. What is the normal range for the PR interval in a standard 12-lead ECG? 2. Describe the ECG findings in sinus bradycardia. 3. What are the criteria for diagnosing sinus tachycardia on an ECG? 4. Differentiate between atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter based on ECG characteristics. 5. What is the significance of the QRS… Read More »

Hypertension diagnosis and Management

Updated summary for diagnosis and treatment of hypertension — Muner Mohamed | منير محمد بالريش (@MunerMohamed1) March 28, 2023   Related review articles Non-pharmacological factors for hypertension management: a systematic review of international guidelines Ethnic differences in hypertension management, medication use and blood pressure control in UK primary care, 2006–2019: a retrospective cohort study… Read More »

Ventricular fibrillation

Ventricular fibrillation @scientissimum #MedEd — The Innovation | Medicine (@Innov_Medicine) March 24, 2023