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Histology mnemonics

  1. “Apple, Banana, and Cherry” – ABC of exocrine glands: Acinus, Basement membrane, and Centroacinar cells. 2. “Tall Girls Always Look Beautiful” – Layers of epidermis (from deep to superficial): Stratum basale, Stratum spinosum, Stratum granulosum, Stratum lucidum, Stratum corneum. 3. “The Skinny Cat’s Got a Skinny Tail” – Components of a neuron (from… Read More »

Histology MCQs

  1. Question: Which type of epithelial tissue is best suited for diffusion and filtration processes in the body? A) Simple squamous epithelium B) Stratified squamous epithelium C) Simple cuboidal epithelium D) Pseudostratified columnar epithelium Answer: A) Simple squamous epithelium 2. Question: Which cell type is responsible for producing and secreting collagen fibers in connective… Read More »