Surgery books

High yield surgery for exam review Basic Surgical techniques textbook 111 pages book Lecture Notes on surgery for medical officers 246 pages book by he Carter Center Hopkins General surgery review manual 158 pages compilation of study... Read more

Surgical wounds and Dressings

Surgical Dressings Described in detail the wound healing process and then the types of surgical dressings. National institute for clinical excellence 1. NICE U.K guidelines on surgical wounds: prevention and treatment of surgical site infection. 2. Guidance on the... Read more

Pediatric surgery

Pediatric Surgery Handbook of the pediatric surgery by Humberto Lugo-Vicente, Read more

Transplant Surgery

Organ Transplantation: Concepts, Issues, Practice, and Outcomes   An essential reference health care providers working in the field of solid organ transplantation. Liver transplantation Assisted laparoscopic donor nephrectomy Watch the web cast of the procedure   Transplant Immunosuppression Presentation on the transplant... Read more


DermaAtlas Pictures of the different types of gangrene with the case description. DermaAtlas is maintained by the John Hopkins University. Gangrene PowerPoint presentation with text and image by the  Sandra Reza and Lidia Torres of El Paso County Community College.... Read more

Fluid, electrolyte and acid-base balance; blood transfusion

Acid base balance By Dr Stephen Drage & Dr Douglas Wilkinson, explained the concepts of acid base balance with the help of flow diagrams. Acid-base calculator Clinical use of blood Include the topics of , complications of massive blood transfusion,... Read more