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An introduction of Computerized Patient Administration System to the Health Care Organizations is no doubt a revolutionary success. It has been destined to play a crucial role in health care delivery to the patients, to streamline the information flow within... Read more

The dimensions of the change in the UK

  Until recently many hospitals and health-care centers developed their own self-sufficient patient administration systems: “two hospitals in the same town might have completely different software running on completely different types of computers 3 ”. No wonder that health services... Read more

The implications of this change

Enormous investments have gone into CPAS worldwide. The estimated costs for each large hospital are about £33mln., yet the overall benefits and costs of hospital information systems have rarely been assessed 17 . “When systems are evaluated, about three quarters... Read more

Introducing Computerized Patient Administration System (CPAS) in the UK

Viktor Poluektovas   “We should connect every hospital to the Internet, so doctors can instantly share data about their patients with best specialists in the field”. President B. Clinton in his State of Union address on Feb. 4, 1997 1... Read more