Medical Humor

  1. Dr.Glaucomflecken. He is an ophthalmologist, a comedian and a speaker. Enjoy his satire videos on various medical specialties.
  2. ZDoggMD: A medical humor website and YouTube channel created by Dr. Zubin Damania. He creates funny videos about healthcare, medicine, and current events in the medical field.
  3. The Happy Hospitalist: A blog created by a hospitalist physician that features funny stories and musings about working in healthcare.
  4. GomerBlog: A medical satire website that pokes fun at medical topics and trends.
  5. CrankyUncle: A mobile app to fight medical information through humor.
  6. Hospital humor. Collection of funny images related to the hospital environment.
  7. Medical humor. A funny collection of images by Wade Grindle MD
  8. Medical jokes
  9. Medical humor on Facebook. Large collection of medical jokes and  cartoons on Facebook
  10. Doctors jokes
  11. Doctor Humor Clean jokes
  12. Anatomy jokes
  13. Biochemistry jokes
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