Risk Difference

CTSpedia Describes the risk difference with examples. CTSpedia website provides useful tools to clinical and translational researchers. www.ctspedia.org/ Boston University of Public Health A comprehensive lecture note with self assessment question and tips for students. http://sphweb.bumc.bu.edu Point Estimation A PPT... Read more

Standard Deviation

Standard deviation The standard deviation tells us how spread out the data is from the mean. It is the square root of the variance. Standard Deviation and Variance Mathfun site describes the SD and variance in very simplest way with... Read more

Kappa test

Kappa test Understanding Interobserver Agreement:The Kappa Statistic Anthony J. Viera, MD; Joanne M. Garrett, PhD Kappa test or Cohen’s kappa is used to measure the inter-observer agreement on categorical scales, such as clinical assessment findings of patients. In this article, the... Read more

Biostatistics slides

[amazon text=Amazon&template=carousel&asin=0321194365, 1118553985, 1449667538, 1284036014, 1451130171, 1907904034, 1111035148, 0071410171, 1550093479] Biostatistics course presentations By Sabrina M. Neeley, Ph.D., MPH of Wright State University. Presentations are in simple language and format with examples. What is Biostatistics Displaying Data Measures of Variability Populations... Read more