Biostatistics slides

By | May 14, 2012

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Biostatistics course presentations

By Sabrina M. Neeley, Ph.D., MPH of Wright State University. Presentations are in simple language and format with examples.

  1. What is Biostatistics
  2. Displaying Data
  3. Measures of Variability
  4. Populations & Samples
  5. Hypothesis Testing
  6. Types of Variables
  7. Measures of Central Tendency
  8. Normal Distribution
  9. Confidence Intervals

Biostatistics presentations

By University of Zurich.

Chi Square Test

Notes on this topic are provided by Environmental Literacy council to help teachers in understanding the concept of Chi Square test. This PDF document contains the test requirements and how to calculate the test using examples.

Provided by the GraphPad software, established since 1984.


Course Lectures with PDF files and text by Tufts University.

Experimental Design and Other Issues in Experimental Design and Other Issues in Microarray Studies

National Research Council National Research Council
Committee on Emerging Issues and Data on Environmental Contaminants

Kathleen Kerr, Ph.D. Department of Biostatistics Department of Biostatistics
University of Washington University of Washington

General Two-Stage Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials

Tatsuki Koyama Department of Biostatistics Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Allan R. Sampson and Leon J. Gleser Department of Statistics University of Pittsburgh

Statistical Thinking in Biomedical Research Short Course

Statistics in the Statistics in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Suzanne Hendrix, Ph.D. Director, Strategic Development Director, Biostatistics.

Introduction to Bayesian Statistics

By Daniel J. Strom

Statistical Significance and Type I Error and Power and Type II Error [S Wetstone]

University of Connecticut, School of Medicine