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Quantitative Image Analysis by NIH Image

QUB: Software for Single Channel Analysis

Quiz about genetics

Quiz/tutorial builder with graphs


RasMol – Overview

Raster3D – Overview

Record and Track Weightlifting Progress

Record and track your weightlifting progress

Renal System – Discusses the structures and functions of the kidney and the processes related to urine formation. College of DuPage (Demo – Zip)

Repositories of Sequence Analysis Software

Research statistical analyzer

Research Systems – ENVI (Environment for Visualizing Images)

Research Systems – IDL (Advanced Image Processing, Interactive 2D and 3D Graphics,)

Respiratory System – Discusses the structures and functions ooff upper and lower respiratory tracts and related complex physiological processes. College of DuPage (Demo – Zip)

RestReminder v0.96: Reminds you to rest

Rhbit – Neuroscience Educational Software (a program for teaching basic principles of systems in neuroscience investigation)

RightTrack v1.01 for dietitians. DEMO

Risk of coronary disease/procedures

Rule-based expert system shell


Scheringatlas Sectional Scan Brain Anatomy

Secret Herbal Formulas: Dose, Source, Herbalpedia

Selection of antibiotics/bacteria

Several statistical programs w/src — The Way to Find Shareware on the Internet

Signal/RTS – Noldus

Simulation of cardiovascular mechanics

Simulation of Hodgkin-Huxley neuron

SimulConsult – Information is shared through a web page using an “evidence-based medicine” approach

Sleep and Rhythms Software

Slice of Life Software Product Catalog

Smalldog Productions – including the software GMOMM: Gray Matter on My Mind

Smoker’s psychological profiling

Software Database, Human Brain Project (Technical University of Denmark)

Software for Neuronal Modeling

Software for Science (providing scientific, engineering, educators and technical professionals with a broad range of computing tools)

Software in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Software Listings from Network Science

SpikeTools (single-unit neurophysiological data analysis software)

Statistical Consultant System

StatView from Abacus Concepts, Inc. (Statistics for Macintosh and Windows)

Store medical histories on MS Access database

Strathclyde Electrophysiology Software

Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator

SURFdriver 2.0 (3-D reconstruction software for Windows 95/NT and Macintosh computers)

Surf-Hippo Neuron Simulation System: v2.7


Sylvius 2.0 – Fundamentals of Human Neural Structure (software with animations, movies, and pronunciation guides)

Symptom and food diary sorts headache triggers

Synapse (Electrophysiology Program for the Mac)

Synaptosoft – computer software for Neuroscientists (includes the software Mini Analysis, Easy Articles, and Channelab)



TeleEMG Calculator

The Fitness Diary

The Premedical Student’s Software Guide Reviews of medical software for Apple’s Macintosh, Windows, and occasionally DOS, which may be of use to the pre-med or medical student. Reviews emphasize software which must be purchased but includes some which is available online as well.

Think Simple (software) a theory founded on wave physics

3-D display/rotation molecules

TLC Medical Center – Helps healthcare students and professionnaals become familiar and comfortable with the use of computers in the clinical setting. College of DuPage (Demo – Zip)

TPA in Acute Stroke – Emergency Medicine Computing at the National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics

TrainingStudio v2: Personal training diary

Trauma Management Simulation – This is a DOS based program in which the patient is an accident victim.

Trauma One – Where do you practice multiple-trauma management? This ruthless, demanding simulator will teach you a rock-solid approach to trauma stabilization and workup. It comes with a complete trauma-management manual, both on-line and printed. Demo (Windows 95-98) 3.6 MB


UCI Medical Education Software Repository


UltraVox – Noldus

Unistat (Statistics Software for Windows)

Urea kinetics calculations

Utility to monitor daily blood sugar readings


Vaytek Main Menu: Software & Hardware for Microscopy (MicroTome and HazeBuster are deconvolution software; VolumeScan provides computerized control for microscope peripherals)

Vector NTI Viewer (Freeware for Visualizing Molecular Data)

Video Course in Behavioral Observation – Noldus

VitalWorks – Management Software for radiology, anesthesiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, plastic surgery, podiatry, and oncology

VoxBlast: 3D Measurement and Volume Visualization Software, from VayTek


VoxPro – Digital Sound Editing System (software for Mac or PC)


WaveMetrics IGOR Pro 4.0

Weight a’ Minute: Weight tracking tool. DEMO

Weight Monitor v2.1: Monitor weight loss & BMI

Weight Whiz v1.1: Personal Weight Management

Wellness v1.3: Herbs & Alternative Medicine

Wolfram Research


Xanat 2.0: A Graphical Anatomical Database

XNBC v8 (Unix Software Package for Simulating Biological Neural Networks)

XTerm Medical Dictionary This medical dictionary is a quick reference tool that can help you any time. Its database of medical terms is weekly updated. There are several ways to find what do you want.


Yoga v1.0: Health & Self-awareness. Free – online dictionaries in many languages and specialty dictionaries for subjects (such as medicine, computing, sports, law, and more)

Z – online dictionary





Files which are available for download on the internet.
(“right-click” hyperlink then choose “save target as” to download “zip” file)

911V23.ZIP    911 Layman’s Guide to Emergency Response from the Win-dy City Windows BBS

ACUTEMI.ZIP    How to predict an MI from Annals of Internal Medicine! from Heath Technology Online ™ an Excalibur system

ALSPROTO.LZH    Data on ACLS protocols!

AUTDEFIB.ZIP    Key studies on Auto Defibrillation by Stults and Kerber from Heath Technology Online ™ an Excalibur system

BIRTHEMT.ZIP    EMT Lecture on Childbirth and EMT reaction from Heath Technology Online

BPPW23S.ZIP    Blood Pressure Plotter for Windows from Heath Technology Online ™ an Excalibur system

BPWIN10W.ZIP    Blood Pressure Plotter for Windows, (BPPW) Version 1.0w by Richard S. Cohen Keep records of Systolic, Diastolic pressure and Pulse readings for any date. Plots all three readings as a colorful line graph. Graphs a week or Graphs average, minimum and maximum readings for the Month or all months stored within 100 readings Prints a hard-copy. A very easy to use Install program. RELEASE: 10/20/92 SHAREWARE: $15.00

BYCPR.ZIP    Detailed Studies on Bystander CPR from Heath Technology Online ™ an Excalibur system

CAREFLT1.ZIP    Details on establishing a EMS Heliport! from Heath Biotechnology

CME113.ZIP    Continuing Medical Education Database ideal for EMS personnel training and recording. from Heath Biotechnology

CPR.ZIP    Program to test CPR CNA2 NURSE AIDE COMPETENCY /EVALUATION TESTING SERIES Downloaded from Heath Biotechnology ™ “Chicago’s MS-Windows BBS

CPRV21.ZIP    CPR BYSTANDER REVIEW v2.1 Member Electronic review of bystander CPR and fundamental nursing for the cna of bystander. This information is for review and doesn’t take the place of on the job experience or approved training. CPR however is a good evaluation tool. From Fred Small/PC-DSD Registration $22.50

DIP.ZIP    EMS Drug Administration Calculator from Heath Technology Online ™ an Excalibur system

DOCSPEAK.ZIP    Jokes – What the Doctor say and what he really means…!! from Heath Technology Online ™ an Excalibur system

ED_DOCS.ZIP    ER-Doc methods for avoiding Cobra violations and loose your license to practice medicine. from Heath Biotechnology

ED_JOKE.ZIP    Humor – Murphy’s Laws for ED Use! from Heath Technology Online ™ an Excalibur system

EMERGBBS.ZIP    A list of medical, fire/EMS, science, alcohol, AIDS and disability related bulletin board systems. Includes local, national, and international boards.

EMERGI30.ZIP    Emergi-DOS 3.0 – A variety of scenarios where YOU decide how to treat trauma and emergency patients. FUN! from Heath Biotechnology Online

EMERGMED.ZIP    Life-Med EMS Dosage Calculator from Heath Technology Online ™ an Excalibur system

ENTDST.ZIP    EMT-D Defibrillation Standards from National EMD from Heath Technology Online(tm) an Excalibur system

FIREW100.ZIP    Firefighter Database System DOS&Windows Downloaded from Win-dy City Windows(tm) Chicago’s MS-Windows BBS

ICUCALC.ZIP    ICCU Calculator for Critical Care! Downloaded from Heath Biotechnology(tm) “Chicago’s MS-Windows BBS

KIDCPR.TXT    Special CPR info for Children!

LIFE-MED.ZIP    Quick Guide to drugs dosage via weight calculations! Very informative! Downloaded from Heath Technology Online ™

MEDICS.ZIP    EMS Provider Skills Tracking System! Downloaded from Heath Biotechnology(tm) “Chicago’s MS-Windows BBS

P11HEART.ZIP    HUMAN HEART DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM Written by Russell D. Hoffman using P11, this demo of our commercial educational program shows a beating heart and explains part of the amazing story of what makes your heart beat. Very informative and very smooth animations.

PCHC.ZIP    PC HEART CHECK – Cardiac monitoring program. Monitor, record, playback and print ECG (EKG) display. Easy to use tutorial. IBM/compatible with VGA required.

RESP.ZIP    Respiratory Calculator written in Basic calculates drugs and acid/ base information! from Heath Technology Online ™ an Excalibur system

SIMULATE.ZIP    Cardiovascular DOS Simulator! from Heath Technology Online ™ an Excalibur system

STAR1.ZIP    Star of Life MS-Widows Meta file! from Heath Biotechnology

TACK_321.ZIP    Tack 3.2 Electro physiology Data Reading Utl from Heath Biotechnology    Emergency airway management

Astonix Project    EKG’s, teaching tools, online tests    Q & A on diabetes    EMT-P test questions in .txt format


Also See Our “Medical Tools” Section for hundreds of algorithms,

medical calculators and decision making tools for Doctors and Nurses.


Simtel.Net – Health, Fitness, and Medical. A worldwide distribution network for Shareware, Freeware, and Public Domain software.




Software from the State University of Campinas, Campinas, SP, Brazil



A Solution for Real Smokers

Alcohol Blood Level Counter v1.2

Anatomy of the Human eye

Attain It: Self-Realization system

Biorhythm & biocompatibility program

Blood sugar PC logbook/diary database

Calculation of chemical speciation of seawater

Chem Calculator for MW,% Composition, Equations

Chemical Speciation of Major Ions in Seawater

Chemistry database/reference

Chromatigraphy (HPLC/GC) simulation program

Creates health care plans for school nurses

DAT v1.0: Arterial pressure waveform analyzer

Diabetic Meter Utility v1.2: Diabetic utility

Dia-Log v4.0: Diabetes Daily Log Manager

Diet Plan: Tells how healthy your diet is

Display the periodic table of elements, (EGA)

Displays, prints pictures of atomic structures

Drug calculations for nurses v5

Ergonomic Stretching Program for Windows

Finds pH and pOH based on concentration

Finds wave related values

Fitness Tests: Exercise motivational program

Graphical look at our Digestive System

Graphical, informative periodic table

Healing with Herbs v2.11

Health Index: Check your heath point

Health Tracker PC 2.0a: Personal Medical Record

Heart attack survival calculator (HTML)

Hypertext analysis of Canadian health system

hypertext on health, learning & toxins

LearnCHEM learning aid(PT+structural formulae)

Look at a human’s circulatory system

Molecular weight calculator for DOS

Molucular modeling program CGA or EGA

PastTense v1.2.1: Multi timer OOS/RSI reminder

Periodic Table (Informative/SuperVGA) – ZaStaR

Presents BAC info and/or reaction test

Raytrace renderer for organic molecules

Rearrange, connect, solve chemistry equations

Searches a database of 262 useful plants

Simulates qualitative organic analysis

Simulator of voltammograms

Snake and toad toxins, diagnosis, treatment

Student Huckel molecular orbital calculator

Study aide: data on the 106 chemical elements

Tachistiscope: Visual reaction time program

Thermo Dynamics: Kinetic gas model simulator

Track re-order date for mail-order medications

Utilities for simple chemical calculations

Utility for simple chemical calculations

Weight Tracker v3.5: Monitor weight trends

Windows biorhythm and compatibility program

Winfit: Exercise motivation software

Workout Tracker v3.5: Monitor workouts. Free