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By | May 14, 2012


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DANCE – the dance pattern database

Database of fears & their clinical phobia name

DataEngine (Data pre-processing, intelligent technologies for analysis and control, data visualization, and graphical macro language)

DataView (A PC program for viewing and analyzing digital data derived from analog signals using A/D acquisition systems operating in “tape recorder” mode)

DataWave Technologies (data acquisition & analysis software)

Demo ECG measurement/analysis program

Demo of U. Kansas medical quizzes

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Management

Diabetic util for One Touch II & Profile

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Simulation (DKA) – A DOS based program with many different cases to try and treat.

Dieting and exercising aid

DietPower Nutrition/Diet Software

DNA Parrot: Talking DNA Sequence Readers

Domestic Violence – A multimedia program that uses a blend ooff text, graphics and video to teach support for victims of domestic violence. College of DuPage (Demo – Zip)

Drug kinetics calculations

DSM Psychiatric diagnostic tree

DynaWise Charts (Specializing in Control Charts for Healthcare)


Early warning system for PMS, v1.02

EEMAGINE – Medical Imaging Solutions – software


EKG self-test for medical students

EKG tutorial for medical students (volume two)

Electronic BanishMosquito v0.9: Repel mosquito

Electrophysiology of the Neuron (Download the Latest Windows and Macintosh Versions of the Computer Software that Comes with the Book “Electrophysiology of the Neuron”)

Electrophysiology Simulation Programs (Java and Shockwave electrophysiology programs by F. Bezanilla, UCLA)

Paediatric Values Pocket sized Paediatric drug dosages aide memoir. Current as of June 2002. To print pocket size open in Excel – select ‘print set up’ and reduce to 45% then print and laminate. (Microsoft Excel 34kbs)

EmergiMed CD Demo (Windows 95-98) 11.5 MB (megabytes) – This demo contains Cardiac Arrest! Lite, Code Team!, MicroEKG, Blood Gases, Chest Pain Simulator and Trauma One. (Doesn’t contain Cardiac Arrest multimedia)

EMGAssistant – PC diagnostic software for localizing nerve damage

EMT-B Study Helper, Signal 18 – Version 3.8 (Demo) Flashcard Multiple-Choice Test for EMT Basic students, and practicing EMTs, based on the National Curriculum. Tests can be taken on-screen or can be printed out in a variety of ways. (Knightlite Software)

EMT-Intermediate Study Helper Version 1.0 (Demo) (Knightlite Software)

Endocrine System – Discusses the locations, functions and hormone secretions of the endocrine glands and explains major physiological concepts underlying endocrine activity in the human body. College of DuPage (Demo – Zip)

Energize & Tune your Brain with audio sounds

Epidemiology teaching program w/src

ePocrates, Inc. – Products – qRx 4.0 (software that provides information from indication-specific dosing to drug interactions to packaging and pricing info)

Ergonomic reminder to take stretch breaks

Ergonomic Timer: Keep stress to a minimum

Ergosentry 2000: Personal Ergonomics software

ERTS (Experimental RunTime System) by BeriSoft Cooperation (based on a script language covering a range of cognitive paradigms that rely on collecting subject’s reactions to visual and/or auditory stimuli)

Ethovision – Noldus

Evolve! v1.2: Personal growth software

Exploring our Molecular Selves CD-ROM (includes a timeline of the history of genetic research, illustrations how the DNA is transcribed into RNA, and more)

Extended Thin-Plate Splines for Brain Variation in Three Dimensions – F. Bookstein, University of Michigan

Eyesight improvement software


Fat Tracker v4.0: Diet and Exercise Planner

Fatalyzer v1.0: Body fat percentage calculator

Fetal US biophysical calculations

First Responder Study Helper Version 2.0 (Demo) (Knightlite Software)

Fisiologia Dinamica Home Page

Food Plus nutrient counter (German Language)

Free Eye Exercise Software 

4D Live Cell Microscopy

Free/Shareware Graphics Applications


Gastrointestinal System – Focuses on the physiological processes ooff ingestion, digestion, absorption and elimination. College of DuPage (Demo – Zip)

Genealogy information management system

GENESIS Simulator

GENESIS2 Simulator of Neural Systems

Glasgow Coma Scale – Emergency Medicine Computing at the National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics

Glucometer: Glucose meter chart for diabetics

Gold Standard Multimedia Products

GoodLife SoftWare?Personal Fitness Tracker

Graphical ECG tutorial and tests

GraphPad Software: Intuitive Software for Science


Hazardous Materials Study Helper Version 1.0 (Demo) (Knightlite Software)

Hazchem Card This is a JPEG image. Download and when the image has finished downloading save it to your files. Print, stick back to back and laminate. (JPEG Image 67Kbs)

Health Sciences Libraries Consortium Computer Based Learning Software Database

Health statistics in Europe mapping

Healthcare Information Systems Directory

Heart infarction evaluator

Heart Smart Weekly Menu Planner

Help expecting mothers track contractions

Hera (System for paperless polysomnography)

Highly configurable biorhythm calculator

Histology of Nerve Tissues

Homeopathy v1.0: Remedies by symptoms

Human Anatomy On-line –



ICD-9 and CPT coding lists

ImageMagick – X11 Image Processing and Display Package

Image-Pro Plus

Imaris 3-D Image Processing Package (English)

Immune System – Covers all of the important concepts related to the body’s defenses. College of DuPage (Demo – Zip)

Information System for Neuronal Pattern Analysis

InnerPeace – Free Interfaith Self-Help Software For Inner Peace

Instrutech Corporation Electrophysiology Software Archive

Instrutech Corporation Product Listing

Intensive care calculations

Intensive care utilities

Integrated System for Fertility Management

Interactive Anatomy Programs

It’s Time!: Prevents repetitive strain injury

IUBio Archive for Biology Data and Software (Indiana University)


Jack Information Page – 3D Interactive Environment for Controlling Articulated Figures

Jandel Scientific Software Home Page

Jogging log and calculator

JUDAS Documentation (Jeremy’s Unix Data Acquisition System)


Kaplan-Meier survival analysis

Ketogenic meals for seizure control.

KeySpeed v0.61: Measure your typing speed

KlustaWin – program for unsupervised classification of multidimensional continuous data

Knowledge Finder Web Services Home Page

Koenig Geriatric Depression Scale – Emergency Medicine Computing at the National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics