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By | May 14, 2012

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LearningWare Inc. – computer software for learning

Lernout & Hauspie (L&H) Voice Xpress for Medicine (Speech to text software)

Let’s Play PET!

Limits computer activity to avoid eyestrain

Literature statistics evaluation

Longevity (medical age) test

LTP Program (stimulation, data acquisition and on-line analysis program for studying Long-Term Potentiation (LTP), Long-term Depression (LTD), and related phenomena)



MacGill cardiovascular simulation demo

MacGill drug kinetics simulation demo

MacGill renal physiology simulation demo

MacGill respiratory physiology demo

Macintosh-Only Math & Science Shareware/Freeware Reference Library

MacLab Home Page


MathSoft Text Home Page

MathWorks Web Site

MatMan – Noldus

Mean Arterial Blood Pressure (Clinical Toolbox)

Medical consultation/visit program

Medical Multimedia (software for biomedical education)

Medical office billing package

Medical Practice Mgmt, Patient Records, etc

Medical prescription writer

Medical terminology tutor/testing

Medication Maestro – Helps students learn the skills necessarryy for administering intravenous medications safely to patients. College of DuPage (Demo – Zip)

Medi-CAL Software Catalogue

Medinsure Magic

MicroEKG Demo (Windows 95-98) 3.5 MB – Learn 12-lead ECG interpretation on your computer. More in-depth than you might imagine, MicroEKG starts with basics and goes on to teach criteria for chamber enlargement, conduction blockages, arrhythmias, infarct location and age, and much more.

Mind Media Life Enhancement Network (Self Improvement Software)

Mini Mental Status Exam – Emergency Medicine Computing at the National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics

Molecular Biological Software (Department of Genetics, The Hospital for Sick Children)

Molecular Biology Notebook Online: Software for Biologists (Rothamsted Experimental Station, UK)

Molecular Modeling Software for Silicon Graphics Systems

Monitor and chart baby’s growth.

Montage Serial Reconstruction System

Mosby’s Multimedia Catalog

MRCP Part 1 Training aid. Freeware

MRIcro software guide (MRIcro allows Windows PCs to view medical images)

Multimedia extension of the stethoscope

Multiple logistics model with ML

Multiple/stepwise linear regression

Multisimplex Experimental Design and Optimization Software

Muscular Exercises Reminder, Relieve Pain

Mvox by Mware (General Purpose Tool for Visualization and Manipulation of 2-4D Grey Level/Colour Images, Stacked Contours and 3D Iso-Surface Computer Graphics)



Nervus Multimedia EEG (Digital EEG Computer Software)

Neuroanatomy adventure game w/src

Neurobehavioral Systems (Windows PC software that delivers auditory, visual and multi-modal stimuli)

Neurobiology Laboratory Exercises in Software – Research-quality Software for Neuroscience Education


Neuroexplorer (Stand-alone neurophysiological data analysis package)

NEUROhistology Educational Software

NeuroKartograph (System for paperless electroencephalography)


Neurological Illnesses

neuroMod – Neural and Cognitive Modeling software

NeuroMouse Home Page (Mouse Neurological Database)

NEURON 3.1: a Simulation Tool

Neuron from the Neuroengineering and Neuroscience Center at Yale

Neuron Reconstruction Macros: Documentation

NeuronC Neural Simulator Language

Neurophysiology Resources from Life Sciences Educational Computing: February, 1996:

NeuroScholar – an attempt to revolutionize the way that neuroscientists theorize about their subject

Neurosim v3 for Windows Home Page: Simulation Software for Teaching Neuroscience

NeuroTime (Neuroanatomy software)


NeuroTutor Version 2.0

NeuroWave – various software from Koller Development including MRI Tutor, Epileptic Spikesimulator, and EKG Database for Signals

NeuroWork (System for evoked potentials analysis)

NIH Image Home Page

NIH Stroke Scale – Emergency Medicine Computing at the National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics

NLM’s Grateful Med Tutorial


NutriBase SR13 Navigator: Basic Nutrients

NutriBase SR13 Navigator: Minerals Editn

NutriBase SR13 Navigator: Vitamins Editn

Nutritional assessment calculator

NutriTrak v1.00: Diet Activity Tracker


Observer – Noldus

Obstetrics/Gynecological advisor

ODLog – Observational Data Recording Software

OOS / RSI prevention break reminder utility

Organize health records for people/pets

OSIRIS Imaging Software


Package for analysis of ROC curves

Paediatric Values Pocket sized Paediatric drug dosages aide memoir. Current as of June 2002. To print pocket size open in Excel – select ‘print set up’ and reduce to 45% then print and laminate. (Microsoft Excel 34kbs)

Parallel GENESIS Homepage (enables the GENESIS neural simulator to run on a variety of parallel machines)

Paramedic Study Helper Version 2.0 (Demo) New Curriculum – ALS (Knightlite Software)

Parasitology expert system

Path Minder v2.0: Self-improvement

Patient Instruction Generator, PAIGE – Emergency Medicine Demo. Need to give patients customized written aftercare instructions? Want to do it fast? Without spending thousands of dollars? Looking for a program you can actually understand and install yourself? You need PAIGE. This program is simple to use (learn it in 30 seconds), but it’s also very powerful.

PDA program to monitor diet, exercise, more

Performance Diet Pro: Comprehensive health prog

Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer

Personal Biorhythm with color printing

Personal Medical History Database

Personality inventory SCL-90

Pharmacokinetics (Clinical Toolbox)

Phylogeny Programs Directory

Physiology Files and Software Archive from The Physiological Society

PRC Atlas of Phase Responses Curves for Circadian and Circatidal Rhythm

Prediction of ovulation period

Preggers Conception Planner

Principles of Psychobiology (A new software package for introductory psychobiology or introductory neuroscience students from Red Reef Publications)

Print/plot biorhythms and compatibility

Programs in Cardiology with source

PROLOG-based intelligent hypertext


Proven subliminal software plus much more.

Psychological Software Services, Inc.

Psyscope Home Page

Pulse Control Software