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The recruitment agencies send eligible doctors from developing countries to the Middle East, U.K., U.S.A, Indonesia and Malaysia

e.t.c. A comprehensive list with their contact numbers and email addresses are given where possible. Please make sure the authenticity of the agencies before paying for anything.

Doctors’ jobs in Lebanon

Doctors’ Jobs in Brazil

Doctors’ Jobs in Northern Ireland

Doctors’ Jobs in Afghanistan

Doctors’ Jobs in Nepal

Doctors’ Jobs in Bangladesh

Doctors’ Jobs in Sri Lanka

Doctors jobs in Mauritius

Doctors jobs in Zambia

Serve humanity by working in Zambia, burdened with HIV and poverty-related ailments.

Doctors jobs in UK 

Look for doctors jobs in every specialty in the NHS Scotland, Wales and England. Links of locum agencies and list of Deaneries.

Doctors’ Jobs in Australia and New Zealand

Looking for a job in Australia in positions as junior medical officers, dental positions, Resident Medical Officers, Trainee Medical Officers (TMOs) or Senior House Officers (SHOs).

Doctors’ jobs in the Middle East 

Links for physicians’ jobs in Middle Eastern countries.

Dentistry Jobs in the Middle East

Doctors Jobs in the Republic of South Africa

Doctors jobs in Malaysia

Malaysia is now established as a new destination for young doctors for their career boost. 

Doctors’ Jobs in Indonesia

Doctors’ Jobs in the USA 

List of recruitment agencies for doctors in USA.

Doctors jobs in Canada

Find your dream job by location

Doctors’ Jobs in Pakistan

Find jobs in Pakistan hospitals and Universities.

Doctors Jobs in India

Find jobs in hospitals and Universities of India.

Doctors’ Jobs in the Maldives

A country of beautiful Islands offers many opportunities for young medical officers to serve

the population.

Doctors’ Jobs in Medical Specialties

Find the medical jobs according to the specialty.