Urology slides

Chronic Kidney Disease:Definitions and Optimal Management Presentation by Jai Radhakrishnan, MD, MS, MRCP, FACC, FASN, Columbia University, New York, NY www.columbianephrology.org Etiology and mortality outcomes of children with acute renal failure Presentation http://dspace.knust.edu.gh:8080 What’s new in renal stone disease Presentation... Read more

Occupational Medicine Slides

General Occupational  medicine topics Slides topic includes   http://www.pitt.edu/ Fibromyalgia Audio and slides on  the topic diagnosis and treatment of fibromyalgia by occupational health research  Challenges of Delivering Occupational Heath in a Non-Urban Environment presentation  on the Challenges of Delivering... Read more

Radiology Slides

Introduction to Radiology   Introduction to Diagnostic Imaging University of Florida Department of Radiology   THORACO-ABDOMINAL (BODY IMAGING) NEUROLOGICAL IMAGING MUSCULOSKELETAL IMAGING WOMEN’S IMAGING PEDIATRIC IMAGING CARDIOVASCULAR IMAGING Diagnostic Radiology Imaging Physics Course Brent K. Stewart, PhD, DABMP Professor, Radiology... Read more

Oncology slides

Genomics Awareness and Genomics Preparedness: Case Studies Genomics is the study of the genes in genome with their interaction with environment and behavior. Presentation aim is to educate the general public and public health advisors about consequences of direct marketing... Read more

Neurology Slides

  Headaches Explains the types of headaches with diagnosis and case presentations. Headache and Facial Pain Robert H. Stroud, M.D. Byron J. Bailey, M.D. Human behavior Clinical Epilepsy Epidemiology of Seizures and Epilepsy Types of epilepsy Epilepsy Syndromes Medical Treatment... Read more

Neuroanatomy slides

Pediatric brain tumors By Aunshka Collins http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu Intracranial tumors Shewana Workman CRNA MSN http://wayneellisent.org/ Neuroanatomy slides lectures By Korean Research Foundation Grant http://anatomy.yonsei.ac.kr/ Neuroanatomy slides http://www.sjsu.edu/ Functional neuroanatomy  http://bml.ym.edu.tw Introduction to neuroanatomy http://www.columbia.edu/ Cranial Nerves and Common Peripheral Lesions Lawrence... Read more

Infectious diseases slides

  Dr. Kolts’ Lecture Hepatitis Lecture   Dr. Forsmark’s Lecture Viral Diarrhoea – html format Viral Diarrhoea – PowerPoint  Urinary Tract Infections Frederick S. Southwick, M.D. Division of Infectious Diseases Infectious Diseases Menu Infectious Diseases Books Infectious Disease CME Infectious diseases... Read more

Gynecology Presentations

  Fertility Drugs and Selective Reduction Joni Payne, Cindy Crissman, Jeri Crenshaw, Kelly Hagan. About Contraception Brief presentation on contraception. Contraception Education Limited. Endometriosis- A Systemic Disease? A Biochemical Investigation. Kathleen M King. Recent advances in surgical management of ovarian... Read more

Dermatology Slides

Dermal and Subcutaneous Tumors Details with pictures. http://www.atsu.edu/ Common benign skin lesions http://www.fmdrl.org/ Skin tumor classification Color-based Diagnosis: Clinical Images http://www.ee.siue.edu/ Common drug eruptions Common dermatological conditions http://hercules.gcsu.edu/ Principles of Topical Treatments in Dermatology http://www.ctf.edu.tr/ Skin and Oral Manifestations of... Read more

Dentistry Slides

 Barodontalgia: what have we learned in the past decade? (2010) An article reviews the data of last decade about this rare phenomenon.  Barodontalgia as a Differential Diagnosis: Symptoms and Findings An article published in 2005 discussing the clinical manifestations and... Read more