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Explains the types of headaches with diagnosis and case presentations.

Headache and Facial Pain

Robert H. Stroud, M.D. Byron J. Bailey, M.D.

Human behavior

Clinical Epilepsy

  • Epidemiology of Seizures and Epilepsy
  • Types of epilepsy
  • Epilepsy Syndromes
  • Medical Treatment
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Neonatal Seizures
  • Guidelines for Management of Epilepsy during Pregnancy
  • Clinical Epilepsy Case Studies

Epilepsy Surgery

American Epilepsy Society

  • Presurgical Evaluation
  • Types of Surgical Procedures
  • Epilepsy and Head Injury

Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Seizure Disorder

Source Localization in Pediatric Focal Epilepsy

Tiferet Levine-Gazit
Medical Vision Group

Anti-epileptic drugs

Epilepsy in children

O. F. Brouwer Department of Child Neurology University Medical Centre Groningen

Ethical Issues in Intensive Care & Legal aspects of PVS and Death

Coma and Brain Death

Paediatric neurological emergencies


Assessment of the Neurological System

Resident and faculty case presentations

Stanford University School of Medicine

2-year-10 month old boy with swollen red eye

Jin Hahn, M.D.

Pediatric Neurology Case Conference
Gregg Nelson MD

30 yo Japanese man with difficulty writing
Y. Joyce Liao, MD PhD

20 year old man with abnormal movements

Peter Lin PGY-3 Neurology Resident

Young Woman with Progressive Dysarthria
Leia Phioanh Nghiemphu, MD
Resident in Neurology
Friday Morning Conference
August 2, 2002

Neurology Case Conference

Gregg Nelson, Neurology Resident

A 7 year old boy with a new skin lesion

A 71 year old man with dizziness

A 3 year old boy with headaches and diplopia

Post-infectious Neurologic Disorders

Jin S. Hahn, M.D.

A woman with tongue pain
Neil Schwartz, MD PhD

Metabolic Diseases

A 14 month old boy with acidosis and lethargy Part 1

A 14 month old boy with acidosis and lethargy Part 2

Leia Nghiemphu, MD
Ann Lewis, MD, PhD
Neurology Residents
Michelle Jorden, MD
Neuropathology Fellow

A 2 day old with acidosis and dysmorphic features

Gregg Nelson, Neurology Resident

Neuromuscular Disorders

Management of Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Peter Lin

33 year old man with recurrent muscle weakness

Peter Lin, PGY-3 Neurology Resident Chitra Venkat, PGY-3 Neurology Resident Greg Moes, Neuropathology Fellow

Medicine as experimental science:
Neurology as example

Cranial Nerve Disorders