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Free Medical PDA Software


A.I. Ocular diagnostics program

About BioNet Teaching and Learning Technology Program

Abstinence Monitor: Track your recovery. Free

Accessory Organs of the GI System – Covers the physiology of organs associated with the GI System: the liver, the gallbladder and the exocrine pancreas. College of DuPage (Demo – Zip)

Acid Base differential diagnosis

Adaptive tree-based expert shell

ADAM Software

ADHD Calculator

Advanced Numerical Technologies (ANT) Software, b.v.

Advanced Tools for Learning Anatomical Structure (ATLAS-plus – Multimedia Program Developed at the University of Michigan)

Adverse drug reaction evaluation 1.21

AIDA freeware diabetes simulator AIDA is a diabetes software simulator program which allows interested patients with diabetes and their relatives, as well as health-care professionals and students to experiment with insulin dosage and dietary adjustments on their own computers.

Alchera dream interpretation and journaling

Alice: 3D-Oriented Analysis Software

All In One Fitness Tracker: Monitor exercise

Alternative Pain Management Tutorial

American Academy of Neurology Stroke Toolbox (Stroke Patient Care Tools)

Anatomy Quiz Test (with BASIC source)

Animated Biomedical Courseware

Animated Neuroscience and the Action of Nicotine, Cocaine, and Marijuana in the Brain

Anthropometric package

Apgar Score – Emergency Medicine Computing at the National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics

Asthma Assistant v1.3: Asthma Self Management

Athlete’s Database v3.1: Fitness Training Log

Audio-visual stimulation software.

Automatic identification of bacteria

Avoid injuries by taking scheduled brakes.

Axocalc Documentation

AxoGraph 4 (Scientific Data Analysis and Graphics for the Macintosh)

Axon Instruments, Inc. File Downloads (demonstration software, user manuals, Axon Guide for Electrophysiology & Biophysics, updates, programming tools)


Basic Brain Functions and Structures

BEE: Basal Energy Expenditure Calculator – an online resource for modules, scripts, and web links for developers of Perl-based software for life science research

BioChem Thinker

Bibliographic references management

Bioinformatics: Guide for Evaluating Bioinformatic Software (HMS Beagle Review)

Bioinformatics: Software and Databases for Computational Biology on the Internet

BioNet Software Compendium


Biosoft: Software for Science Home Page

Bitplane Products – NeuronTracer (automatically maps and analyzes the 3D structure of dendritic trees of fluorescently labeled neurons)

blink! ergonomic break reminder, avoid RSI OOS

Blood Gases Demo (Windows 95-98) 3.4 MB – This valuable training aid teaches some of the most difficult, yet most important material in medicine. Learn Aa gradient calculation and interpretation, bedside acid-base balance interpretation, bicarbonate dosage calculation, and more. The program will even interpret blood gas values for you.

BMI @ THR Calculator

Body Fat Monitor & Custom Diet Designer. Free

Body Surface Area (Clinical Toolbox – David A. Stumpf, M.D., Ph.D., Northwesterrrn University Medical School)

Brain Voyager (fMRI analysis and visualization software)

Brainiac! – Interactive Human Neuroanatomy Atlas (software for Mac or Windows PC)


BrainMaster(tm) Home Page

BrainMetric Software (used to be Coolspring Software)

BrainWave Control, IBVA Technologies, Inc.

Bug Brain Home Page (A game where you build brains to run a for a Lady Bug to help it feed and survive)



Calculate your bio-cycles.

Calorie-counting and diet analysis software

Cambridge Electronic Design (Data Acquisition Hardware and Spike2, Signal and Patch software)

CAOS/CAMM: National Center for Computer-Aided Chemistry and Bioinformatics (Netherlands)

Cardiac Arrest! Lite Demo (non-multimedia, Windows 95-98) 5.3 MB – Exciting live-action video not just pretty pictures! A real simulation not “choose A, B, or C!” Tough clinical problems like hypocalcemia, hyperkalemia, hypothermia, Kawasaki disease and more. Current to the latest ACLS guidelines.

Cardiac System – Covers the physiology of the heart including the cardiac muscles, electrical conduction system and the coronary circulation. College of DuPage (Demo – Zip)

Cardiovascular risk evaluation

cardio1 – Compute cardiovascular risk in the normal patient.

cardio2 – Compute cardiovascular risk in the patient with coronary heart disease.

Cardio File for Cardiologist is an application that is designed to administer the Clinical Files, Progress Notes and Appointments of all the patients of a Cardiologist. In addition, you can make some statistics based on diagnoses and/or stored treatments.

Catalogue of Molecular Biology Programs

CDC Health Risk Assessment package

Change facial/body features & apply makeup

Channel Lab – computer software that Simulates and analyses ion channel kinetics

Channel Tutor Software

Chart fertility and generate statistics

ChartSmart II – Helps students learn the principles and concepts underlying effective and appropriate patient documentation. College of DuPage (Demo – Zip)

Chest Pain Simulator Demo (Windows 95-98) 4.1 MB – Practice the workup, diagnosis, and treatment of chest pain patients with this “chest pain ER” trainer. Chest Pain Simulator teaches a rapid, safe, and thorough approach to chest pain. It includes history and exam, testing, differential diagnosis and thrombolytic therapy.

Cindi’s Contraction Timer v1.2.6

Civilized Software’s Home Page (MLAB, an Advanced Mathematical and Statistical Modeling System)

Clinical Calculator

Clinical case simulation inotropic therapy

Clinical case simulation in gynecology

Clinical simulation in Obstetrics

Code Team! Demo (Windows 95-98) 4.1 MB – This ACLS training system includes CardioQuiz (basic knowledge for the written test), EKG Teaching (arrhythmia and pathology recognition), and ACLS Protocols (practice for the dreaded MEGACODE scenarios). Current to the latest ACLS guidelines.

Cognitive Therapy: A Multimedia Learning Program (MindStreet)

Compare time with reality

Complete statistical package w/src

Computer aided instruction on lung sounds.

Computer-aided instruction package

Computers in Mental Health

Conflict Resolution – A multimedia program that uses a blend offf text, graphics and video to teach current theory underlying the process of resolving conflict. College of DuPage (Demo – Zip)

CONICAL: The Computational Neuroscience Class Library

Conversion of Units (Clinical Toolbox – David A. Stumpf, M.D., Ph.D., Northwestern University Medical School)

Cox proportional hazards model