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Complicated Crown Fracture

A complicated crown fracture, a common dental injury, occurs when a tooth’s outer layer (the enamel) is damaged, exposing the inner dentin and potentially affecting the pulp. This type of fracture can result from various causes, such as accidents, falls, or biting on hard objects. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects… Read More »

Irreversible pulpitis

Irreversible pulpitis is a significant dental condition that demands prompt attention. It occurs when the dental pulp, the innermost part of a tooth containing nerves and blood vessels, becomes inflamed and damaged beyond repair. This condition typically results from untreated or advanced dental caries, trauma, or deep dental restorations. In this article, we will explore… Read More »

Causes of grossly carious molars in children

Grossly carious molars in children, which refer to severely decayed and damaged molar teeth, can be attributed to various causes. In a formal and academic style, here are some key factors contributing to this dental condition: Poor Oral Hygiene: Inadequate brushing and flossing practices can result in the accumulation of dental plaque and the proliferation… Read More »

Pulp necrosis and asymptomatic apical periodontitis

An 18-year-old female presented at the outpatient department of operative dentistry with esthetic concern and want fillings of fractured incisal edges. History reveals trauma to the anterior region 5 years ago. Clinical examination showed a fracture of the incisal edge involving tooth no.11,12. Vitality test reveals negative pulp response. The periapical radiograph showed an open… Read More »

Ectopic eruption of permanent canines

A 24-year female presented to the outpatient department of operative dentistry with a chief complaint of pain and mobile left mandibular canine. Clinical examination revealed mobile retained deciduous canine and Ectopic eruption of both permanent mandibular canines.   This particular dental phenomenon involves the anomalous positioning and eruption of permanent canine teeth within the oral… Read More »

Clinical scenario questions for operative dentistry

A 40-year-old patient presents with a fractured amalgam restoration on a molar. How would you approach the restoration replacement? A 65-year-old patient requires a Class II composite restoration on a mandibular premolar. What considerations are important in this case? A 25-year-old patient complains of tooth sensitivity after a recent composite filling. What could be the… Read More »

Operative dentistry

Radicular cyst Radicular cyst or Odontogenic keratocyst Interesting case report of 55 year old patient, which on clinical examination seems to be Odontogenic cyst but on histological examination was radicular cyst. Article published in Indian Journal of Multidisciplinary Dentistry, Vol. 3, Issue 3, May-July 2013 Cysts of the Jaws Cysts are the space occupying lesions and share some common features… Read More »