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MCQs on Metastatic tumors

1. Which of the following is the most common site of breast cancer metastases? a) Liver b) Lungsc) Braind) Bone 2. Positron emission tomography (PET) uses a radioactive drug to identify which of the following in suspected cancer sites?a) Oxygen usage b) Glucose metabolismc) Blood flowd) Protein expression 3. Which imaging test is considered the… Read More »

Stages of breast cancer

Stages of Breast Cancer#cancer #oncology #meded #medtwitterpic.twitter.com/xzhBy9F9rp — The Innovation | Medicine (@Innov_Medicine) April 15, 2023 Breast cancer is a type of cancer that develops in the cells of the breast. The stage of breast cancer refers to how advanced the cancer is and how far it has spread. There are different types of breast… Read More »

Oncology slides

Genomics Awareness and Genomics Preparedness: Case Studies Genomics is the study of the genes in genome with their interaction with environment and behavior. Presentation aim is to educate the general public and public health advisors about consequences of direct marketing of genomics application by companies with some misguiding information and risks associated with revealing the… Read More »