Standard Deviation

By | October 17, 2014

Standard deviation

The standard deviation tells us how spread out the data is from the mean. It is the square root of the variance.

Standard Deviation and Variance

Mathfun site describes the SD and variance in very simplest way with the example of height of 5 dogs.

Robert Niles

Robert Niles explains the concept of the standard deviation from his stats guide series.


Resource page on standard deviation.

Calculate SD

A pictorial guide on how to calculate the standard deviation by wikihow.

Multimedia lectures

A series of informative, detailed and interesting lectures on standard deviation hosted on Khanacademy website.

Calculating the Mean and Standard Deviation with Excel

Step by step picture guide to calculate the mean and standard deviation with MS Excel.

The standard deviation

Defines the 2SD and 3SD hosted on University of Surrey site.

Standard Deviation In 30 Seconds

Summarizes the 6 steps for calculating the standard deviation.

Interactive Tutorial

Learn the SD concept through interactive game. To run the game, Java should be installed on your device. Page hosted at University of Glasgow.

Standard error and standard deviation

This BMJ article discusses the relationship between standard error and standard deviation. Standard error is the measure of the precision of sample mean and depends/influenced by the standard deviation and sample size.

How to Interpret Standard Deviation and Standard Error in Survey Research

A detailed article with examples.