Surgery books

By | February 21, 2015

High yield surgery for exam review

Basic Surgical techniques textbook

111 pages book

Lecture Notes on surgery for medical officers

246 pages book by he Carter Center

Hopkins General surgery review manual

158 pages compilation of study notes by Peter Attia,MD

Postgraduate surgical revision notes

By Stephen Parker

Essential revision notes for medical students

Prevention and treatment of surgical site infection

Evidence based guidelines and recommendations by NICE.

Pediatric general surgery lecture

Orthopedic notes

Surgical Wounds and dressings

Learn about the types of wounds, wound infection and dressing products.

Fluid, electrolyte and acid—base balance; blood transfusion

Definition, causes, diagnosis and treatment of the acidosis and alkalosis, Acid base calculators, lectures notes.

Transplant Surgery

Guidelines,videos of the many procedures, CMEs, atlases of the organ transplantations  

Anesthesiology Books

Muscle Injuries

By Virtual Hospital, complete guide for muscle injuries.

Surgical Palliative care: A resident’s guide

Plastic surgery

Ear, Nose Throat

Links for ENT books, atlases and multimedia.


Surgery E-Books

Surgery: Scientific Principles and Practice

The text provides the optimal balance of new science and technology with surgical  practice

Diseases of the Breast

A must for all clinicians who treat benign or malignant breast diseases.

Manual of Common Bedside Surgical Procedures

Helpful for surgical interns.

Surgery system module revision notes

Comprehensive revision notes for medical/nursing  students and surgery residents.

Surgery core module notes

Evidence Based Medicine

Lectures on evidence based medicine.

General Surgery Textbook

A short textbook of general surgery for revision in PDF.

Raj: Practical Management of Pain

This is a very good textbook on invasive pain management techniques, and their utility in clinical practice.





Surgical Talk Revision In Surgery

420 pages book in PDF format: 2nd edition by Andrew Goldberg.

The surgical abdomen

WHO Guidelines for Safe Surgery 2009

Cardiac Surgery – Toronto Notes

Basic Principles of surgery.

Dr.Eyad Abou Asali