Fluid, electrolyte and acid-base balance; blood transfusion

By | May 20, 2012

Acid base balance

By Dr Stephen Drage & Dr Douglas Wilkinson, explained the concepts of acid base balance with the help of flow diagrams.

Acid-base calculator
Clinical use of blood

Include the topics of , complications of massive blood transfusion, oxygen carriage in blood, blood transfusion reactions and  checklist for giving blood, 

Acid-base balance

By s. Prichard. Basic concepts of acid base balance with the use of figures.

Acid-base balance

 By Merck Manual. Definition, causes, diagnosis and treatment of the acidosis and alkalosis.

 Interpreting arterial blood gases

 By resuscitation council UK

 Acid-base physiology

 By Kerry Brandis. Detailed description about all aspects of the acid base balance including basis physiology, assessment, and special aspects of acid base balance in pregnancy and children.

 Fluid physiology

 Online tutorial by Kerry Brandis.

 The acid-base balance and disorders

 Online physiology textbook with chapter dedicated to the acid base physiology and pathophysiology with pictures and self-assessment. By Copenhagen medical publishers  1999 – 2000

 Acid-base balance and oxygenation

 Lecture notes

Acid-base pathophysiology

By dr. grabber