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Urinary bladder stone

Hi #medtwitter! Today #Scientissimum would like to show you a #urology case of huge urinary bladder stone removal. Bladder stones are small mineral deposits that can form in the bladder. In most cases bladder stones develop when the urine becomes very concentrated or when one is… pic.twitter.com/mbuCpRBbnf — Scientissimum (@scientissimum) April 14, 2023

Urology books and lecture notes

Pediatric Urology Online book sponsored by Oceana therapeutics with videos and regular chapter updates. Urology Urology revision book for medical students in PDF format. Hypospadias Anatomy, embryology and treatment of Hypospadias. A Lecture by University of Oklahoma Medical Center. Guideline for Management of the Clinical Stage 1 Renal Mass Detailed management guidelines in PDF  by… Read More »