Neurosurgery textbooks

By | April 30, 2015

Glial neoplasms

A free chapter from textbook of neurological surgery.

A PPT by The LSU-Shreveport Department of Neurosurgery on types, etiology, treatment options and prognosis of different brain tumors.

Differential Diagnosis in Neurology and Neurosurgery

By Tsementzis,S.A. A 352 pages in PDF format is good read for post graduate students of neurology and neurosurgery. Etiology of all neurological disorders are explained in tabular form and in concise text.
By A.J.Larner, 2nd edition.
A thesis project by HAGEN SCHIFFBAUER
Kraig Moore and Lyndon Kim
A review article by G Biswas, R Bhagwat, R Khurana, H Menon, N Prasad, PM Parikh
A detailed  presentation Jerome M. Volk, LSU Department of Neurosurgery
By Serge Gorelyshev.
Multimedia atlas. Access require sign up first.
A presentation by Asim Mian M.D., Boston University, Department of Radiology.