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Online medical textbooks and lectures

Nursing books and lectures

Human Anatomy and Physiology Lecture notes for nursing students. Psychiatric nursing Nursing document for mental illness Students clinical Handbook By school of nursing and midwifery, University of Notre Dame, Australia Laboratory tests Interpretation of Laboratory tests for nurses Clinical Instructor Guidelines and Information Wegmans School of Nursing St. John Fisher… Read More »

Forensic medicine books and lecture Notes

Lecture notes on Toxicology 125 pages PDF document on toxicology by Ethiopia Public Health Training Initiative. Lecture Notes on Forensic medicine 48 pages PDF document by Prof. Derrick Pounder of the University of Dundee.  For other related notes, click here  Forensic toxicology Overview of forensic toxicology. Crimes Against Women and Children:  a Medico-Legal Guide A… Read More »

Neurosurgery books

Helsinki Microneurosurgery:Basics and Tricks 346 pages book by Martin Lehecka, Aki Laakso and Juha Hernesniemi. Visual  Object  Recognition Lecture notes Neuropathology Lecture Note for medical students 83 pages eBook by University of Oklahoma Head and neck surgery clinical skills introductory lectures Primary care otolaryngology By American Academy of otolaryngology. Disorders… Read More »

Pathology books and Lectures

Webpath Lectures, animations and thousands of questions on pathology. Cancer Pathology and Genetics A series of books by WHO and International Agency for Research on Cancer on following topics Pathology and Genetics of Tumours of the Digestive System Pathology and Genetics of Tumours of the Breast and Female Genital Organs Pathology and Genetics of… Read More »

Interactive anatomy

Anatomy exam practice test of anatomy , exam videos and  anatomy tables. Some material can only be accessed by university students. Anatomy Practice exam. Label the names of arteries, nerves, dermatomes, muscles, and bones by Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Practice exam  Practice Exams for Structure of the Human Body by… Read More »

Anatomy Books

  Gross Anatomy Links for image databases, teaching material and atlases. Histology Histology slides, atlases, books and exam resources. Embryology Make embryology easy by animations, atlases and glossary. Interactive Exams Helps in passing the exams with practice test .

Histology books

Histology Atlas  By university of Lowa college of medicine. Histology Slides. Large collection of histology slides by College of Medicine, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Histology notes and Mcqs By School of Anatomy and Human Biology – The University of Western Australia. Histology Exam Another histology exam site by College of Medicine, University of Illinois… Read More »

Gross Anatomy online books

Anatomy of cranial cavity. Contents, boundaries and importance of the cranial cavity. MacAnatomy Anatomy education program by MacMaster University with lectures and videos on Anatomy and physiology. Anatomy and physiology lectures Voluntary control of facial muscles Interactive flash movie Oculocephalic pathway Interactive Human Atlas A must for medical students. Largest collection… Read More »

Embryology books

  Cardiac Embryology Cardiac Embryology By Ra-id Abdulla, MD .Includes animations, notes, pictures and questions. Human embryo atlas The Multi-Dimensional Human Embryo By University of Michigan. The Visible Embryo Preview the unique changes in human embryo by weeks. Hill’s Embryology Good navigational online book on embryology written by Dr Mark Hill… Read More »

Health Promotion books

  Health Promotion online course  Step by step learning of the health promotion concepts by Ontario Health Promotion Resource System (OHPRS). OHPRS is composed of 22 health promotion organizations in Ontario. Course include the case studies, further reading resources, glossary of health promotion and you can print the complete course in one file. Ottawa Charter… Read More »