Forensic medicine books and lecture Notes

By | February 20, 2014

Lecture notes on Toxicology

125 pages PDF document on toxicology by Ethiopia Public Health Training Initiative.

Lecture Notes on Forensic medicine

48 pages PDF document by Prof. Derrick Pounder of the University of Dundee.  For other related notes, click here

 Forensic toxicology

Overview of forensic toxicology.

Crimes Against Women and Children:  a Medico-Legal Guide

A free e-book by the University of Dundee

Forensic medicine last moment revision

For Medical Students.


A multimedia learning tutorial by NLM.

Forensic Pathology Trainee Handbook (2014)

By The Royal College of Pathologists of Australia

 Sexual Assault: Forensic Medical Examination

West Virginia S.A.F.E. Training and Collaboration Toolkit.

 Clinical Forensic medicine book: A physician’s Guide

458-page book in PDF by Margaret M. Stark

 Forensic Science book

Some chapters are available online from Ms.Keever’s Science classes