Multiple Choice Questions about the Femoral Artery

By | December 26, 2023

1. The femoral artery supplies blood to the:
A) Head
B) Lower limbs
C) Abdominal organs
D) Heart

2. The femoral artery is a branch of the:
A) Abdominal aorta
B) Common iliac artery
C) External iliac artery
D) Internal iliac artery

3. The femoral artery passes through which opening in the hip bone?
A) Foramen ovale
B) Foramen magnum
C) Foramen lacerum
D) Foramen femoralis

4. The femoral artery pulsation can be felt where?
A) In the cubital fossa
B) Behind the knee
C) In the groin
D) On the dorsum of the foot

5. The branch of femoral artery which supplies blood to the knee joint is:
A) Superior gluteal artery
B) Medial circumflex femoral artery
C) Lateral circumflex femoral artery
D) Deep femoral artery

6. What is the major branch of femoral artery in the thigh?
A) Profunda femoris artery
B) Superior gluteal artery
C) Medial circumflex femoral artery
D) Deep femoral artery

7. Femoral artery bifurcates into which arteries in the lower part of thigh?
A) Anterior & posterior tibial arteries
B) Saphenous & popliteal arteries
C) Popliteal & anterior tibial arteries
D) Popliteal & perforating arteries

8. Deficiency in the development of femoral artery is known as:
A) Popliteal artery entrapment
B) Deep vein thrombosis
C) Coarctation of aorta
D) Persistent sciatic artery

9. Compression of femoral artery is tested by which test?
A) Homans sign
B) Pulse palpation
C) Allis sign
D) Ultrasound Doppler

10. Femoral artery gives off which important branches in the floor of femoral triangle?
A) Profunda femoris & deep artery of thigh
B) Obturator & deep artery of thigh
C) Deep artery of thigh & lateral circumflex femoral artery
D) Superficial & deep artery of thigh

11. Persistent sciatic artery is known to cause which type of vascular entrapment?
A) Popliteal artery entrapment syndrome
B) Nutcracker syndrome
C) May-Thurner syndrome
D) Common iliac artery entrapment

12. In which layer of femoral sheath femoral artery and vein are located?
A) Deep
B) Subcutaneous
C) Intermediate
D) Superficial

13) What investigation is done to assess stenosis of femoral artery?
A) CT angiography
B) MRI angiogram
C) Digital subtraction angiogram
D) Doppler ultrasound

14) Which structure passes deep to the inguinal ligament enclosing the femoral vessels?
A) femoral sheath
B) femoral triangle
C) saphenous opening
D) lacunar ligament

15) The pulsation of which artery can be felt just below inguinal ligament in the groin?
A) Tibial artery
B) Popliteal artery
C) Femoral artery
D) Genicular artery

16) Femoral hernia occurs through the gap in which structure?
A) Lacunar ligament
B) Saphenous hiatus
C) Inguinal ligament
D) Femoral sheath

17) Femoral canal is a space bounded by which structures?
A) Femur and pelvic brim
B) Femur and femoral vessels
C) Femoral sheath and inguinal ligament
D) Femur and iliopsoas fascia

18) Which arteries can be used as conduits for coronary artery bypass grafting?
A) Radial and ulnar arteries
B) Palmar arch arteries
C) Greater saphenous vein
D) Femoral and popliteal arteries

19) Compression of femoral artery is done during which procedure?
A) Angiography
B) Embolectomy
C) Angioplasty
D) Endarterectomy

20) Saddle embolus is an embolism lodged at the bifurcation of which artery?
A) Common carotid artery
B) Aorta
C) External iliac artery
D) Femoral artery

21) Pulse is usually not palpable below which level of femoral artery occlusion?
A) Upper 1/3rd
B) Middle 1/3rd
C) Lower 1/3rd
D) Complete occlusion

22) All of the following are branches of femoral artery except:
A) Profunda femoris artery
B) Lateral circumflex femoral artery
C) Obturator artery
D) Genicular artery

23) Profunda femoris artery arises from which part of femoral artery?:
A) Lower 1/3rd
B) Upper 1/3rd
C) Middle 1/3rd
D) At bifurcation

24) Which artery supplies blood to the cruciate ligaments of knee?
A) Genicular arteries
B) Median artery of knee
C) Anterior tibial artery
D) Recurrent tibial artery

25) The pulse of which artery is occasionally felt posteriorly in mid-thigh region?:
A) Proximal lateral circumflex femoral artery
B) Lateral superior genicular artery
C) Descending genicular artery
D) Branch of saphenous artery

26) Doppler examination is useful to assess stenosis of which artery pre-operatively?:
A) Popliteal artery
B) Posterior tibial artery
C) Anterior tibial artery
D) Femoral artery

27) The main reasons for femoral artery occlusion are:
A) Atherosclerosis and polyarteritis nodosa
B) Atherosclerosis and Buerger’s disease
C) Diabetes and vasculitis
D) Hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis

28) Compression of femoral artery is done to access which arterial system surgically?:
A) Coronary
B) Cerebral
C) Carotid
D) Lower limb

29) All of the following are important landmarks of femoral triangle except:
A) Inguinal ligament
B) Femoral nerve
C) Femoral canal
D) Saphenous opening

30) The genitofemoral nerve passes deep to which structure?:
A) Lacunar ligament
B) Femoral sheath
C) Inguinal ligament
D) Femoral artery

31) B/L simultaneous femoral and brachial CPR is known as:
A) Open cardiac massage
B) Open cardiac compression
C) Open thoracic cardiac massage
D) Open cardiac resuscitation

32) Arteriography of lower limb arteries is done through which artery?:
A) Brachial artery
B) Radial artery
C) Ulnar artery
D) Femoral artery

33) Aneurysm of femoral artery is repaired by:
A) Thrombectomy
B) Embolectomy
C) Patch angioplasty
D) Endarterectomy

34) Accidental puncture of femoral artery is a dreaded complication of:
A) Central line placement
B) Lumbar puncture
C) Bone marrow aspiration
D) Hernia repair surgery

35) Damage to femoral nerve during lymph node dissection causes:
A) Foot drop
B) Wrist drop
C) Deltoid paralysis
D) Truncal weakness

36) All of the following are branches of profunda femoris artery except:
A) Medial circumflex femoral artery
B) Lateral circumflex femoral artery
C) Perforating branch
D) Saphenous artery

37) Accidental puncture of femoral artery/vein is identified by:
A) Hematuria
B) Non pulsatile bleeding
C) Synchronous bleeding
D) Ecchymosis

38) Which nerve is at risk during superficial inguinal node dissection?:
A) Femoral
B) Genitofemoral
C) Obturator
D) Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh

39) Palpation of femoral pulse is useful to diagnose:
D) Aortic dissection

40) Mechanism of injury leading to pseudoaneurysm of femoral artery is:
A) Shear stress on arterial wall
B) Intimal tear
C) Vascular spasm
D) Stenosis

41) Occlusion of deep femoral artery leads to:
A) Foot drop
B) Calf Claudication
C) Ischemic Rest pain
D) Raynaud’s syndrome

42) Femoral embolectomy is done for:
A) Atherosclerotic plaques
B) Cholesterol emboli
C) Popliteal entrapment
D) Acute arterial thrombosis