Aeronautic Dentistry

By | June 10, 2015

Aeronautic or space dentistry  is the new branch of dentistry that deals with application of dentistry in aeronautical environment. There is profound effect of microgravity on human health which also includes oral cavity. Few trials have been done to see the impact of space on oral cavity. Balwant Rai is the pioneer of the Aeronautic dentistry and is Editor in Chief of Internet Journal of Dental Science. He has also published the curriculum of space dentistry. Below are the articles and news related to space dentistry.

Space dentistry: extraterrestrial studies on teeth

Aeronautic Dentistry: A New Specialized branch and its Curriculum Guidelines

Full research article by Balwant Rai, Jasdeep Kaur, and Bernard H. Foing published in International Journal of Dentistry Volume 2011.