Clinical MCQs on the parietal bone

1. A newborn baby presents with a soft, compressible swelling on the side of the head. This is most likely due to: A. Cephalohematoma B. Caput succedaneum C. Parietal osteomyelitis D. Parietal bone fracture 2. A 35-year-old patient sustains a head injury after a fall. Imaging reveals a linear fracture of the parietal bone. Which… Read More »

MCQs on the occipital bone

1. A newborn baby presents with a soft, compressible swelling on the back of the head. This is most likely due to: A. Cephalohematoma B. Caput succedaneum C. Occipital osteomyelitis D. Occipital bone fracture 2. A 45-year-old patient complains of severe headaches and neck pain after a motor vehicle accident. Imaging reveals a fracture of… Read More »

MCQs on the tibia bone

1. A 25-year-old man presents with a closed fracture of the tibial shaft after a motor vehicle accident. Which of the following would be the most appropriate initial management? A. Splinting and elevation B. Open reduction and internal fixation C. Casting D. Traction 2. A 40-year-old woman complains of severe pain and swelling in her… Read More »

Multiple Choice Questions on the Clavicle bone

1. The clavicle is classified as a: A) Short bone B) Flat bone C) Long bone D) Irregular bone 2. The clavicle articulates with which of the following bones? A) Scapula and sternum B) Humerus and scapula C) Sternum and ribs D) Scapula and vertebrae 3. Which muscle attaches to the lateral third of the… Read More »

MCQs on Cholera vaccine

1. Which of the following microorganisms causes cholera? a) Vibrio cholerae b) Salmonella typhi c) Shigella dysenteriae d) Escherichia coli 2. What is the primary mode of transmission for cholera? a) Airborne b) Direct contact c) Ingestion of contaminated food or water d) Vector-borne 3. Which of the following is the most common clinical presentation… Read More »

MCQs on Dengue vaccines

1. Which of the following statements about dengue fever is true? a) It is caused by a bacteria b) It is caused by a virus c) It is a non-communicable disease d) It is a childhood disease 2. Which mosquito species is the primary vector for transmitting the dengue virus? a) Anopheles mosquito b) Culex… Read More »

ResearchKick: A Comprehensive App for Streamlining Research Processes

ResearchKick is a powerful app designed to streamline the research process for academics, researchers, and students. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set, this app aims to simplify the often complex and time-consuming tasks associated with conducting research. One of the standout features of ResearchKick is its ability to seamlessly integrate with various reference… Read More »

MCQs on Cancer Immunotherapy

1. Which of the following is considered a first-line immunotherapy treatment for several cancer types? a. Chemotherapy b. Radiation therapy c. Checkpoint inhibitors d. Stem cell transplant 2. Which of the following targets cytotoxic T cells to recognize and destroy cancer cells? a. Monoclonal antibodies b. Cancer vaccines c. Oncolytic viruses d. Interleukins 3. PD-1… Read More »

Pharmaceutical Companies Stocks to Watch in 2024

  The pharmaceutical industry has faced numerous challenges over the past couple of years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, economic pressures, and political uncertainties. However, there are still many promising drugmakers whose stocks are positioned for growth in 2024. In this in-depth article, we will explore 10 pharmaceutical companies that investors should keep a close… Read More »

MCQs on Good Clinical Laboratory Practices(GCLP)

1. Which guideline establishes standards for clinical laboratory testing of human subjects? A) CLIA B) CLSI C) GCP D) GLP 2. What process ensures traceability of samples and test results according to GCLP? A) Unique labelling B) Blinded analysis C) Equipement calibration D) Specimen inventory logs 3. Which document defines standard operating procedures for a… Read More »

MCQs on Good Documentation Practice

1. According to GCP, source documents should be: A) Stored securely for required retention period B) Amended using a single line-through method C) Original documents completed during trial D) All of the above 2. Corrections to source documents should include which elements according to GCP? A) Initials and date of person making correction B) Explanation… Read More »

100 MCQs on Good Clinical Practices(GCP)

1. Which document contains a standardized set of rules for conducting clinical trials? A) Declaration of Helsinki B) Belmont Report C) Good Clinical Practice guidelines D) Standard operating procedures 2. Which organization establishes regulations and guidance for Good Clinical Practices? A) ICH B) FDA C) WHO D) EMA 3. In Good Clinical Practice guidelines, what… Read More »

MCQs on clinical trials

1. What type of clinical trial compares a new treatment to an existing standard treatment? A) Open label trial B) Single blind trial C) Double blind trial D) Randomized controlled trial 2. Which phrase best describes the purpose of a placebo in a clinical trial? A) To test for side effects of a treatment B)… Read More »

MCQs on Suicide Prevention

1. Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for suicide? A. Access to firearms B. Social isolation C. Female gender D. Good mental health 2. Which statement about suicide prevention is TRUE? A. Openly asking someone if they are considering suicide may encourage them B. Most suicidal individuals do not truly want to… Read More »

Plab Question Bank

Question 1: A 32-year-old female presents with recurrent epigastric pain. She describes a burning sensation that improves with food intake. What is the most likely diagnosis? A) Gastroenteritis B) Peptic ulcer disease C) Gastric cancer D) Inflammatory bowel disease Question 2: A 45-year-old male complains of difficulty breathing and swelling of the ankles. On examination,… Read More »

Multiple Choice Questions on Schizophrenia

1. Which symptom is not considered to be a core symptom of schizophrenia? A. Delusions B. Disorganized speech C. Depression D. Hallucinations 2. Which is a negative symptom of schizophrenia? A. Auditory hallucinations B. Poverty of speech C. Paranoid delusions D. Disorganized behavior 3. Which neurotransmitter is most strongly implicated in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia?… Read More »

Multiple Choice Questions on Developmental Abnormalities

1. Trisomy 21 is also known as: A. Down syndrome B. Klinefelter syndrome C. Fragile X syndrome D. Turner syndrome 2. Cleft lip occurs due to failed fusion of which embryonic structures? A. Palate B. Brain hemispheres C. Limb buds D. Neural tube 3. Spina bifida involves defective closure of the: A. Palate B. Chest… Read More »

Multiple Choice Questions on Comparative Embryology

1. Birds hatch from eggs laid by female, which process of development is this an example of? A) Oviparity B) Viviparity C) Ovoviviparity D) Parthenogenesis 2. Cows and humans show which type of embryonic development? A) Oviparity B) Viviparity C) Ovoviviparity D) Parthenogenesis 3. Reptiles exhibit primarily which mode of reproduction? A) Oviparity B) Viviparity… Read More »

Multiple Choice Questions on Organogenesis

1. Which process involves invagination and involution leading to formation of organ rudiments? A. Neurulation B. Gastrulation C. Organogenesis D. Histogenesis 2. Which organ develops from endodermal lung bud outgrowth? A. Heart B. Liver C. Lung D. Pancreas 3. Which organ develops from gut regionalization? A. Liver B. Lung C. Pancreas D. All of the… Read More »