‘Glass Health’ AI tool for medical professionals

Glass AI for Doctors is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to help doctors make better decisions and improve patient care. The platform is designed to be used with smart glasses, allowing doctors to access patient data and other relevant information hands-free while they work. One of the main benefits of Glass AI for Doctors… Read More »

Using AugmentedReality in Human Anatomy

Using #AugmentedReality in Human Anatomy via @Analytics_659#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #VR #AR #VirtualReality cc: @maxjcm @ronald_vanloon @pascal_bornet @marcusborba pic.twitter.com/9LktzaULIn — Ronald van Loon (@Ronald_vanLoon) May 1, 2023 Augmented reality (AR) can be a valuable tool for medical students in anatomy education. Here are some ways AR can be used to enhance anatomy education: Interactive anatomy models: AR… Read More »

AI powered legal assistant for doctors

DoNotPay.com is a website that offers a range of legal and financial services, such as disputing parking tickets and canceling subscriptions. While doctors may not necessarily need the services provided by DoNotPay.com, they could potentially use the platform to assist their patients with certain legal or financial issues. For example, a doctor could recommend DoNotPay.com… Read More »

Diagnose tongue condition

Incidental finding during endoscopy in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis and anaemia. What’s the diagnosis? pic.twitter.com/OrJBc2mzyv — Keith Siau (@drkeithsiau) April 29, 2023 Macroglossia is a medical condition characterized by an enlarged tongue that protrudes from the mouth and may cause difficulty speaking, eating, and breathing. Here is an overview of the etiology, diagnosis, and… Read More »

Clinical applications of Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry by improving data security, interoperability, and accessibility. Some of the clinical applications of blockchain technology are: Medical record management: Blockchain can be used to create a secure and decentralized database of patient medical records, making it easier for patients and healthcare providers to access and… Read More »

Clinical coding in AI

Clinical coding in AI refers to the process of using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to extract and convert medical data from unstructured text into standardized clinical codes. This process is also known as natural language processing clinical coding (NLP-CC). Clinical coding is an important process in the healthcare industry as… Read More »

Text-to-Video service applications for doctors

A text-to-video service for doctors could be a useful tool to help physicians communicate with patients and colleagues in a more engaging and effective way. With this type of service, doctors could easily convert text-based content, such as medical articles, research papers, or patient education materials, into engaging video content. The process of using a… Read More »

AI-powered health coaching service

Quartz is an AI-powered health coaching service that uses machine learning and natural language processing to provide personalized health coaching to individuals. The service is designed to help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals by providing them with actionable insights and recommendations based on their health data. Quartz uses a combination of AI algorithms… Read More »

TLDV (Too Long Didn’t View) for AI powered meeting recorder

TLDV (Too Long Didn’t View) is an AI-powered tool for recording and summarizing meetings, making it easier for participants to review the key takeaways without having to watch the entire recording. This tool uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to generate an automated summary of the meeting, highlighting the most important points discussed.… Read More »

Artificial Intelligence tool for academic writing

Paperpal is a great tool for academic writing that can help students and researchers improve their writing skills and ensure their work is of high quality. The platform uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to provide users with instant feedback on their writing, including grammar and punctuation, word choice, and sentence structure. One of… Read More »

Artificial intelligence tool for medical literature search

Consensus.app is an innovative platform that offers an efficient and user-friendly way to explore medical literature. The platform uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to analyze thousands of articles, journals, and publications from reputable sources in real-time. One of the most impressive features of Consensus.app is its ability to generate summaries and visualizations of… Read More »

Moore’s Essential Clinical Anatomy book review

Moore’s Essential Clinical Anatomy is a comprehensive textbook that provides a detailed overview of human anatomy for medical students and healthcare professionals. The book is written by Keith L. Moore, a respected anatomist and professor of anatomy, and is currently in its 7th edition. One of the strengths of Moore’s Essential Clinical Anatomy is its… Read More »

 Moringa Leaves Consumption During Pregnancy

Table of contents • Introduction • Moringa consumption during pregnancy • Safe Moringa consumption during pregnancy • Alternatives to Moringa during pregnancy • Precautions while consuming Moringa during pregnancy • Conclusion Introduction If you are pregnant or planning to be, you might have heard about Moringa and its nutritional content. For those who haven’t, Moringa… Read More »

Ace the USMLE: Proven Tips for Effective Preparation you this

Preparing for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) can be a daunting task, but with the right preparation and strategies, you can excel in the exam. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the USMLE: Develop a study plan: Create a study schedule that fits your learning style and preferences. Include daily… Read More »

Quasi-experimental study

A quasi-experimental study is a research design that shares similarities with experimental research but lacks randomization and/or a control group. In other words, it involves manipulating the independent variable but lacks some of the key elements of a true experimental design, such as randomly assigning participants to different groups or conditions. Quasi-experimental studies are often… Read More »

Diagnose this liver condition

Very rare presentation!! This patient presented in emergency today Can you write something about this case on the occasion of world liver day?#WorldLiverDay2023 #MedTwitter pic.twitter.com/BsR3c05dV8 — Dr. B L Bairwa MS, FACS (@Lap_surgeon) April 19, 2023 Umbilical discharge can be a symptom of liver disease. Specifically, it can be caused by a condition called umbilical… Read More »

Breath sounds

Breath sounds pic.twitter.com/Ie2T6j4NxL — Abushanab (@med_712) April 17, 2023 Breath Sounds There are two main types of breath sounds that can be heard with a stethoscope: bronchial and vesicular. Bronchial breath sounds are loud, high-pitched, and heard over the trachea and larynx. These sounds are produced when air passes through the large airways of the… Read More »

Stages of breast cancer

Stages of Breast Cancer#cancer #oncology #meded #medtwitterpic.twitter.com/xzhBy9F9rp — The Innovation | Medicine (@Innov_Medicine) April 15, 2023 Breast cancer is a type of cancer that develops in the cells of the breast. The stage of breast cancer refers to how advanced the cancer is and how far it has spread. There are different types of breast… Read More »

Injection angles

https://vt.tiktok.com/ZS8WbVF4E/ There are several techniques for administering injections, including: Intramuscular (IM) injections: These injections are given into a muscle, usually the deltoid muscle in the upper arm or the gluteal muscles in the buttocks. The needle is inserted at a 90-degree angle to the skin, and the medication is injected slowly. This technique is commonly… Read More »