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Mnemonics for Antibiotics classification

“PEEK STaT” P – Penicillins E – Erythromycins E – Aminoglycosides K – Kefalosporins S – Sulfonamides T – Tetracyclines a – Amphenicols T – Trimethoprim You can remember this mnemonic by thinking of “peeking” at the different classes of antibiotics.   “My Dear Captain, Please Come And Save My Queen” Each capitalized letter corresponds… Read More »

Pharmacology Mnemonics

Morphine  excites men, but sedates cats. One heart two lungs–beta receptor activity Beta-1 primarily on heart; airway is beta-2 receptors —————————————————————————————–   Cardio selective  Beta Blockers: “A-BEAM” A-Acebutolol B-Betaxolol E-Esmolol A-Atenolol M-Metoprolol —————————————————————————————– Chemoreceptor Trigger Zone: Serotonin, Histamine, Muscarinic, Opioids, Dopamine Salem Hates Men On Drugs Beta receptor activity One heart two lungs Beta-1 primarily… Read More »