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Mnemonics for Antibiotics classification

“PEEK STaT” P – Penicillins E – Erythromycins E – Aminoglycosides K – Kefalosporins S – Sulfonamides T – Tetracyclines a – Amphenicols T – Trimethoprim You can remember this mnemonic by thinking of “peeking” at the different classes of antibiotics.   “My Dear Captain, Please Come And Save My Queen” Each capitalized letter corresponds… Read More »

Pharmacology Mnemonics

  1. **ACE Inhibitors Side Effects** – “CAPTOPRIL”: C – Cough A – Angioedema P – Potassium excess (hyperkalemia) T – Taste changes O – Orthostatic hypotension P – Pregnancy contraindicated R – Renal failure (avoid in bilateral renal artery stenosis) I – Impotence L – Leukocytosis (rare) 2. **Beta Blockers Classification** – “NABBA”: N… Read More »