Cardiology Textbooks

By | August 30, 2023

MRCPASS cardiology notes

Cardiac pharmacology

Cardiovascular physiology

Cardiac muscle physiology

Drugs for heart failure

Pathology of cardiovascular system

Cardiac Pumping and the Function of Ventricular Septum

Multimedia textbook (images, text and animations) by Stig S Lundbäck.


E-textbook by University of Iowa College of Medicine

Cardiology Textbook

A cardiology handbook for revision by the MCCQE. Useful for medical students preparing for USMLE and Canadian board exam.

Ecg learning Centre

Learn ECG in interactive way by Dr. Alan Lindsay:

Topol: Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine Eric J. Topol M.D

Requires registration to access Merck Medicus website.

Wagner: Marriott’s Practical Electrocardiography

By Galen S. Wagner M.D. Covers in detail of every aspect of electrocardiography. Requires registration to access Merck Medicus website.

Yale University School of Medicine Heart Book

By Barry L. Zaret, M.D., Marvin Moser, M.D., Lawrence S. Cohen, M.D.

Braunwald Atlas of Heart Diseases

Requires free registration for access. Covers topics of hypertension, heart failure, cardiac ischemia and atherosclerosis. By Eugene Braunwald

Cardiology Glossary (Yale University School of Medicine)


Evidence based cardiovascular medicine Guidelines by American college of cardiology .You can also download guidelines in PDF.

Heart Failure & Cardiac Arrhythmias

Approach to Cardiac Murmurs

Assessment of peadiatric cardiac murmurs

Examination Of The Heart

Cardiovascular system review

By Pastest

Clinical revision for OSCE examinations

Cardiovascular examination checklist

EMQ revision notes part 1 and part 2

 Clinical Evaluation of the Heart Failure Patient

 Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Diseases

Excellent concise notes


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