Free online Dermatology Books and Atlases.

By | March 27, 2023


Dermatology Textbook

Good for quick revision in exams.

Electronic textbook of dermatology 

By The Internet Dermatology Society. Every chapter is described in detail with the help of images.

Dermatology Atlas

Dermatology atlas by Jason R. Swanson and Jeffrey L. Melton, M.D.

Atlas of dermopathology

Interactive dermatology atlas

Dermatology Online Atlas

Dermatology Online Atlas browses over 4500 images online. Other features include Picture diagnosis, lectures, clinical cases, and pediatric dermatology atlas and neurodermatitis information center.

Dermatology image bank

Also Contains dermatology procedure videos and self-assessment quizzes, written by John L. Bezzant, Department of Dermatology, and University of Utah School of Medicine.

Dermatology Terminology

Skin cancer atlas

Interactive Dermatology Atlas