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By | May 10, 2012

How to write a paper in scientific journal

Step by step guide for medical/science students in writing in journal. A must read.

UGME Internal Medicine Clinical Skills Syllabus

Survival guides for third year medical students

Clinical Methods

Book contains historical perspective of diagnosis by physical examination and guidelines on systemic examination and Laboratory examinations.

A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine

A complete guide on clinical examination by Charlie Goldberg,, university of California, san Diego.

Bedside Diagnosis

The widest possible range of sources and useful topics was reviewed in choosing the works cited.

Intern in the Middle of the Night Series 

E.J. Mayeaux, Department of Family Medicine and Comprehensive Care, Louisiana State University Medical Center Multimedia (Text & Images). “A hypertext collection of short “how to” handouts that are ideal to put into a ‘peripheral brain.’ This collection started as a help guide for interns who felt ‘all alone in the night.'”

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