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The National Diabetes Education Initiative ® (NDEI ® )

A 48-Year-Old Executive With Newly Diagnosed Diabetes Presents With Erectile Dysfunction

A 58-Year-Old African-American Man With A Recently Treated Uncomplicated MI Presenting With Elevated BG

A 64-Year-Old Woman With GI Upset and Elevated Blood Glucose



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Lipid Treatment and Goal Attainment: A Hispanic Male with CHD and Diabetes

Peter H. Jones, MD

Collaborative Atorvastatin Diabetes Study (CARDS)

Harold Bays, MD, FACP

CME on Diabetes

The website contains the presentations with audio by the experts on following topics.

  1. Epidemiology of diabetes
  2. Prevention of diabetes
  3. Treatment of diabetes
  4. Genetics of the diabetes
  5. Pathophysiology of diabetes and
  6. Insulin resistance

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