Dr Ashwini Kumar Mehta

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Dr Ashwini Kumar Mehta

Consultant ENT

Seven Hills Hospital




Date of Birth      : 17 July 1959



E mail ID      mehtaak17@ yahoo.co.in


Contact No :      09930608749


Present employment      : Consultant ENT

                             SevenHills Hospital



Qualifications      : MS[ENT] 1988 Delhi University

     MBBS 1981 Pune University


Experience Experienced in Microotological, Microlaryngeal ,

                     Endoscopic sinus surgeries and Head & Neck surgeries

[a] Specialist : Jan 2010 to date, Consultant ENT, SevenHills Hospital, Mumbai

2005 to 2009 Prof of ENT at ,Army College of Medical Sciences

                     Base Hospital Delhi Cant

2001- 2005 ENT specialist, Prof and Head of Dept at

Command Hospital Chandigarh a 800 bed tertiary referral


                     1998-2001ENTspecialist at Military Bhopal

                     1993-1998 Reader in ENT at Armed Forces Medical

College Pune

                     1991-1993 ENT specialist at 300 bed Zonal Hospital

1989 –1991 ENT specialist at Military Hospital

Jalandhar.A 600 bed referral hospital

1988-1989 ENT specialist at Army Hospital Delhi

Cantt. A 1000 bed tertiary referral hospital of the              Armed Forces

[b] Teaching : Prof of ENT Army College of Medical Sciences Delhi

                 April 08 to June 2009

Assoc Prof ENT, Army Hospital[R&R],Delhi from

Feb 2005 to Mar 2008

                     Prof & HOD ENT at Command Hospital[WC]

             from 2000-2004 recognised for Diplomate

National Board examination by National

Board of examinations.

                     Reader in ENT at Armed Forces Medical College

Pune from 1993-1998

Recognised Postgraduate teacher and examiner

for Delhi University, Pune University and

Bhartiya Vidyapeeth University Pune and Diplomate

                     National Board

Special Interest : Otology & Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Research : Undertaken research projects under Armed Forces

Medical Research Committee .


Papers Published              : List Attached


Papers presented : Presented papers at numerous National

Conferences and chaired scientific sessions.


Books Published             : Monogram on “Speech Disorders& Management”


Misc : Innovated instruments for ENT surgeries.


Honours and Awards      First in College in Surgery in MBBS


     Best Officer in Medical Officers Basic Course an

Administrative course for all medical officers in

Armed Forces


     Second in Merit in Medical officers Senior

Command Course an Administrative course for

Senior medical officers in Armed Forces

                 Past member Editorial Board Indian Journal of

Otolaryngology &Head & Neck Surgery


Past member Governing body Association of

Otolaryngologists of India


Best paper award [Senior consultant] at National

Conference of Association of Otolaryngologists

of India in 2000

Selected for Travel fellowship of Association of India






  1. Primary nasal tuberculosis Indian Journal of Otolaryngology Vol 43: 1: 1991
  2. Evaluation of hearing impairment in – do- Vol 41:4:89

Renal failure

3. Efficacy of epsilon amino caproic acid -do- Vol 47:1:1995

in epistaxis

4. Plasmacytoma of Max Journal of Indian Medical Association July 1993

5. Impulse noise induced deafness and its Medical Journal Armed forces India 1991:49:15-21


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9. Unusual ossification of laryngeal cartilages -do- 1996:52:126-127

10. Congenital nasal teratoma -do- 1999:55:73-74

11. Otitic Hydrocephalus -do- 1999:55:65-67

12. Mehtas periosteal elevator -do- 1999:55:81

13. Mehtas nasal dressing forceps -do- 1999:55:82

14. Tracheostomy complications & management -do- 1999:55 197-201

15. Minitracheostomy in ventilatory insufficiency -do- 1999:55:217-220

16. Endoscopic transnasal DCR -do – 200:56; 213

17. Prevalence of noise induced hearing loss Indian journal of otolaryngology June 1999

amongst traffic police personnel

18. Sturgre weber syndrome -do- Dec 1999

19. Waadernburg syndrome -do- Sept 1999

20. Vocal Hygiene Cobra medical journal July 1999

21. NOHL screening tests Medical journal armed forces india Jan 2000

22. Pseudotumour nose -do- Jan 2000

23. Antihistamines in allergic rhinitis Current medical journal Dec 1999

24. Pharmacotherapy of vertigo – do- Dec 2000

25. Anomalous elongation of styloid process Medical Journal armed Forces July 2000

26. Is tracheostomy obsolete ? -do- 0ctober 2000

27. Nasal dysfunction in divers Indian journal of otolaryngology June 2000

28. Nasal Angiofibroma Medical Journal Armed Forces Jan 2001

29. Utility of PNS radiography -do- April 2001

30. Universal tongue blade for tonsillectomy -do- Jan2002

31. Mehtas ligature forceps – do- April 2002

32. Otitic Hydrocephalus -do- April 2002

33. Measuring Template for Thyroplasty -do- July 2002

34. High Altitude Ortners Syndrome

35. Buccal fat in OSMF

36. Retropharyngeal Foreign Body

37. Relapsing Polychondritis

38. Neck Space Infections

39. Nasal hemangiomas

40. Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty inSleep Apnoea Syndrome

  1. Subcutaneous Emphysema A rare presentation of Foreign Body bronchus.




Have been in host faculty for various conference, workshops and CMEs conducted at AFMC Pune and at Army Hospital [R&R] Delhi



  1. Head & Neck oncology course at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi
  2. In service training in Head & Neck oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai
  3. Travel fellowship of association of otolaryngologists of India at KEM Hospital , Mumbai
  4. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course at Bombay Hospital
  5. Advanced endoscopic sinus surgery course at Jaipur
  6. Neurootology course at Nair Hospital , Mumbai
  7. Rhinoplasty course at Moolchand Hospital, Delhi
  8. Balloon Sinuplasty Course at Sir Gangaram Hospital Delhi
  9. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course at Metro Hospital NOIDA




  1. Otological: Tympanoplasties, Mastoidectomies, Stapedectomy,Facial Nerve Decompression, Sac Decompression,

Ossiculoplasties,Myringotomies, Pinnaplasty, Meatal atresia, Glomus excision

2. Nasal : Septoplasty, Rhinoplasty, FESS, Endoscopic DCR, Endoscopic CSF rhinorrhoea repair

     Transnasal pituitary surgeries, Removal of angiofibroma

3.Throat : Adenotonsillectomy. Endoscopies. Microlaryngeal surgeries

4. Head & Neck : Throidectomy. Parotidectomy, Laryngectomy, Excision of benign masses.

Thyroplasties, Tracheal Stenosis




1. Dr[Maj Gen] S S Panwar Comdt Command Hospital Pune


2. Dr [LtGen] R C Kocchar            Formerly Prof ENT AFMC, Pune


3. Dr B M Abrol Formerly Prof ENT, AIIMS, New Delhi

Abrol ENT Hospital , Saket


4. Dr [Brig]P S Sukhthankar Prof & HOD ENT, AFMC, Pune










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