Dr.Assad Sajid

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Name:         Dr.Assad Sajid

Present Address: 83-E Architect Housing Society
Johar Town
Lahore Pakistan
Ph.Home-042 5181983
Mobile :0300 4610246


Permanent Address:     C/O Lt, General M. Naser
148-B, Street 6, Westridge-1
Rawalpindi , Pakistan.
Tel :0092-51-5491556

Email Address:


Date of Birth:     14th April 1969


Gender:         Male


Material Status: Married


Nationality:     Pakistani


Religion:          Muslim




1985-1990        Bachelor of Dental Surgery ( B.D.S)

            Nishter Medical College

            Bahaud din Zakaria University Multan, Lahore.


1990-1991        House Job

de’Montmorency College of Dentistry &
Punjab Dental Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan.

During this house job , I did rotational duties for a period of two months each in the following departments.

  1. Minor Oral Surgery
  2. Maxillofacial Surgery
  3. Prosthetics
  4. Conservative ( Crown & Bridge , Endodontic)
  5. Orthodontics
  6. Periodontology & Radiology


Jan 2010- Jan-2012    MCPS.[Member of college of physians and surgeons pakistan]waiting for result








Jan-2010 To
Post-Graduate Trainee Oral and Maxillofacial surgery DeMontmorency College of Dentistry/ Punjab Dental Hospital Lahore
Dec-2009 To May-2010 Intensive Course in Implantology Osstem Implants Germany
Dec-2009 To Date Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Dental Consultants
Lahore, Pakistan
Mar-2004 To Nov-2009 G.P. Dentist Dental Department N.W.A.F Hospital Programme
Dec-2001 To Feb-2004 Registrar Oral Surgery/ Dental Surgeon Lahore Medical & Dental College/Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital.
2000 To Oct-2001 Resident Maxillofacial surgery P.A.B.A.H
Bisha , Kingdom of Sudia Arabia .
1998 To 2000 Oral Surgeon Dar-ul-shifa Hospital, Lahore.Pakistan.
1997 To 2000 Private Practice Dental Health Clinic , Lahore,Pakistan.
1992 To 1996 Dental Surgeon Nasim Dental Clinic , Gujarnawala , Pakistan.
1991 To 1992 Trainee Max-fac. Surgery/Periodontology Punjab Dental Hospital, Lahore.







Jan-2010 to Jan 2012 Post Graduate Training in MaxilloFacial Surgery:

This training is conducted by college of Physians and Surgeons Pakistan in Punjab Dental Hospital/ DeMontmorency college of Dentistry Lahore leading to Membership of College of Physians and Surgeons. In this training I carried out all sorts of Maxillofacial Surgical Procedures including orthognathic, trauma, oncology and facial reconstruction surgeries. We also did all kinds of minor oral surgical procedures. It also includes rotations in orthodontics, plastic surgery and anesthesia.

Dec 2009 To Date Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon at Dental Consultants:

It’s a private dental concern which is mainly a specialist practice including an orthodontist, prosthodontist, periodontist/implantologist, oral surgeon and a GP dentist. My work in this set up is of a Maxillofacial surgeon which includes surgical removal of impacted teeth and orthgnathic surgeries in collaboration with the orthodontist. I am also doing pre-prosthetics surgeries with the prosthodontist along with it I am also doing Implants. Here I am also dealing with pediatric uncooperative patients requiring management under GA. I am also doing on call for trauma cases in Surgimed hospital which is also a part of this set up.


Mar-2004 to Nov-2009 ( G.P. Dentist N.W.A.F Hospital Program, Tabuk Saudi Arabia:

The North West Armed Forces Hospital is one of the most prestigious hospital in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My duties as a G.P. dentist include the management of all kinds of dental patients, during walk in /ER and appointment session. I am responsible for doing on call rota as schedule in the department. In addition I am also doing minor oral surgery cases like impactions and apicectomies under LA and GA. I am also assisting in the maxillofacial cases.

Dec-2001 To Feb 2004 Lahore Medical & Dental College /Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital , Lahore Pak.:

It is a 550 –bedded hospital including all the specialties and is affiliated with Lahore Medical & Dental College.

I was working as the registrar in Oral Surgery and my work included all the surgical procedures under local and general anesthesia. We were also doing other dental procedure like Endodontic, Conservation, Periodontology etc. mainly our department is a surgical Unit.

2000- Oct-2001 (Resident Maxillofacial Surgery) Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital Bisha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital is a 365-beded Ministry of Health Hospital in the Southern Region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am working in this hospital under the supervision of a consultant and a specialist Maxillofacial Surgeon.

My clinical work includes management of trauma cases and to do on-call duties in the emergency room. In the emergency duties we manage all the facial traumas, i-e. facial lacerations and haemostatis, initial management of facial bone fracture. As this region is peculiar to high speed accidents, patients came with severe polytraumas, we treat them along with the trauma team. All management of Pt’s is done according to the ATLS rules.

In normal duties we do oral surgeries under G.A including emergencies. Four days per week, we do minor oral surgeries under L.A including surgical extractions, biopsies and booking of pt’s for G.A, medically compromised patients and patients referred from other hospitals, management of indoor pt’s.

1998 To 2000 ( Dental Surgeon) Dar-Ul-Shifa Hospital ,Lahore,Pak.:

During this period I was employed as a Dental Surgeon. This is an out patient hospital I worked in the Dental Department. My work includes management of minor surgical procedures i.e surgical removal of infected and fractured teeth, Dento-alveolar fractures, apicectomies other soft tissue injuries and booking of patients for major procedures in entitled hospitals.

1997 To 2000 ( Private Practice ) Dental Health Clinic , Lahore, Pak.:

During this tenure, I looked after my own clinic. I managed the patients of all field of general dentistry i.e

  1. Endodontics
  2. Minor Oral Surgery
  3. Periodontics
  4. Prosthetics
  5. Orthodontics
  6. Crown& Bridge

1992 To 1996 ( Dental Surgeon ) Nasim Dental Clinic , Gujrawala , Pak.:

During this period I worked with Dr. Sajid Nasim.

My Clinical Work Included:

  1. Endodontics /Periodontology
  2. Minor Oral Surgical Procedures.

Department of Periodontology

In this department , I worked as house officer under the supervision of Dr.Khalid Almas.

My clinical work included:

  1. Management of gingival diseases.
  2. Scaling and Root planning.
  3. Gingivectomies and Flap Procedures

Department of Oral Surgery:

In this department , I worked under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Saeed , Associate Prof. & consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon.

My clinical work included:

  1. Admission of trauma patients, preparing patients for major surgical procedures and minor surgical procedures.
  2. Assisting in all surgical procedures.


  1. Pakistan Medical & Dental Council.
  2. Pakistan Medical Association.
  3. Saudi Council for Health Specialties.


  1. Implantology.
  2. BLS Course.
  3. Preparatory course for the fellowship of Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons.
  4. IELTS( Score 7.5).


  1. Principles and techniques of Biopsy June-2010
  2. Bleeding disorders and there management Aug-2011
  3. Management of acute trauma patient Nov-2011
  4. Trigeminal Neuralgia                      June- 2004
  5. Diabetes & Oral Care                     Feb – 2005


Thyroid Diseases                      Dec-2000
Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital
Bisha, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.


Topical Infection Challenges & Solutions     Mar-2001
Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital
Bisha, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.


Islamic Instructions Regarding Terminally ill Patients.    Mar-2001

Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital
Bisha, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.

Hypertension                             Apr- 2001
P.A.B.A Hospital, Bisha.

Sickle Cell Disease in childhood             May-2001
P.A.B.A Hospital, Bisha.

Medically Compromised Patients in Dentistry        June-2001
Bisha Dental Center.

Role of Radiotherapy in Oral Malignant Diseases         May-2004
King Khalid Auditorium Tabuk.

Role of Profiles in Endodontic                    Aug- 2004
King Khalid Auditorium Tabuk.


  1. Acute Ondontologenic infections of Head & Neck and their management .

    P.A.B.A Hospital, Bisha

  2. Benign Tumours of Salivary Glands

    P.A.B.A Hospital, Bisha.


  1. Sports.
  2. Music


For my career enhancement, my plans are to do further training in the field of Maxillofacial Surgery and to secure training in a technologically developed environment.

Ultimately my plan is to work as a Specialist in the field of Orthgnathic and Reconstruction Surgery rendering the highest possible quality to fulfill both my patients and my own expectations.

To achieve my goals, I always look for better opportunities to get myself acquainted with latest techniques and experiences. It is the need of the era, as the public demands the best treatment due to awareness of health care facilities.


Dr. Hasan Nebulsi

Fagard Germany

Consultant Maxillofacial Surgery

North West Armed Forces Hospital


Saudi Arabia

Dr. Mohd. Saeed

FDSRCS (Glas), FDSRCS (Edin)

Professor of Maxillofacial Surgery

DeMontmorency college of Dentistry



Dr. Emaduddin Al Hakim

DSS Austria

Consultant Maxillofacial Surgery


Saudi Arabia

Dr. Nur Al Bashir Al Ibrahim

MDS Maxillofacial Surgery Kings college London

Consultant Maxillofacial Surgery


Saudi Arabia

Dr. Khalid Taymur Shaker

MS Maxillofacial Prosthodontist (USA)

Associate Professor of Maxillofacial Prosthodontics

Cairo University Egypt

Professor Waheed Ul Hameed

MCPS, MS Ortho (Turkey), M-Orth (London)

Professor of Ortodontics

DeMontmorency College of Dentistry



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