Dr. Tausif Qadir Qureshi

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Name                                      :        Dr. Tausif Qadir Qureshi

Father’s Name                       :        Abdul Qadir

Date of Birth                          :        9 August 1957

CNIC Number                       :        12101-6573811-5

Domicile                                :        Punjab

Religion                                 :        Islam

Sect                                         :        Sunni

Nationality                                      :        Pakistani

Present Address                     :        House No-586, Street No 22,

(Preferred)                                           Sector A, askari 14, Adyala Road,



Permanent Address               :        322/N, Street 27, Rawal Town, Islamabad



Telephone Numbers              :        Landline : 051- 5156930

Mobile    : 0321-6965463




M.B,B.S                             :    1980                Punjab University,Lahore.                 1st Division


M.Sc (Advance Medical  :      2003                Quaid e Azam  University,                     1st Division                                                                                                    Administration)                                                    Islamabad

(Equivalent to MPH vide PM&DC ltr. PF-1- G 2010(524-P) /726 dtd 13 Oct 2010)


Regional Disaster Response:  2006                United States of America                      Qualified

and Trauma System Management                   Army  Team     

(Master Trainer)  Diploma

D.P.H part 1 & II(Pass)   :     1993                Punjab University,Lahore                  1St Division

Army Diploma in             :      1990                Armed Forces Post- Graduate                       1st Position

Health/Community                                         Medical Institute, Rawalpindi                                               



FCPS Part 1(Community:      1991              CP & SP Karachi                                   Qualified



Specialization course in   :      1989-90           Armed Forces Post- Graduate             1st Position

Army Health/Community                               Medical Institute, Rawalpindi                       



Unit Command Course    :     1995                Armed Forces Post- Graduate                          Qualified

Medical Institute, Rawalpindi



Law Course                     :      1996                GHQ, Rawalpindi                                  2nd Position



Computer Course            :      1995                DBS, Bahawalpur                                  Qualified


Regional Disaster Response:  2006                United States American                         Qualified

and Trauma System Management                 Army  Team      

(Master Trainer)  Course                             







(1)   Directing Staff/ Senior Instructor             :       2011-2012 

         Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute, Rawalpindi           



  • Teaching subjects of Disaster Management, Community Medicine and Health care Administration
  • Training activities planning and implementation          
  • Local and International Professional Conferences coordination and conduct,
  • University Examination and coordination
  • Graduation Ceremonies


(2)   Commandant Teaching Hospital                      :        2009-2011

        Senior Executive Medical Officer of Cantonment                    

         Combined Military Hospitals



  • General Hospital Administration
  • Hospital Preparedness for Disaster, Training and practices
  • Post graduate training of Doctors
  • Community Health
  • Patient Care Duties. Hospital Facility Planning and execution


(3)   Directing Staff/ Senior Trainer  &                             :        2008-2009

        Head of Community Medicine Department                               

         Armed Forces Post- Graduate  Medical Institute, Rawalpindi



  • Teaching subjects of Disaster Management, Community Medicine and Health care Administration
  • Training activities planning and implementation          
  • Local and International Professional Conferences coordination and conduct,
  • University Examination and coordination
  • Graduation Ceremonies  -Arrangements of   Annual events.





(4)   COLONEL (ADMS)-                                                   :           2006-2008        

        Senior Medical Officer  Incharge       

         Pakistan Army 37 Division



  • Incharge Health Team  Relief/Rehabilitation Earthquake October 2005         
  • Supervises  all  work of Pak Army  deployed at Disaster  stricken earthquake   affected areas in KPK as focal person
  • Management and Coordination of the  work of NGOs and INGOs working at Disaster affected area of KPK


(5)   Commanding Officer Hospital/                                  :        2004-05-06

        Senior Executive Medical  Officer    

         United Nation Hospital,    United Nations Mission in Liberia  



  • War / Disaster Casualty handling in Civil War Disaster Stricken Country
  • Worked along with large number of INGOs for humanitarian activities
  • General Hospital Administration,
  • Hospital Preparedness for Disaster, Preparations and practices
  • Community Health,


(6)   Commanding Officer Hospital/                         :        2003-2004

Senior Executive Medical  Officer                                                                          Combined Military Hospital, D.I Khan                        



  • War / Disaster Casualty handling during  WANA  Operation
  • General Hospital Administration,
  • Hospital Preparedness for Disaster, Preparations and practices
  • Community Health,
  • Patient Care Duties. Hospital Facility Planning and execution





(7)   Training & Coord Officer(Grade I Staff officer) : 2000-2003

        Instructor, Community Medicine           

    Army Medical College Rawalpindi                         



  • Teaching subjects of Disaster Management, Community Medicine
  • Training activities planning and implementation          
  • Local and International Professional Conferences coordination and conduct,
  • University Examination and coordination
  • Graduation Ceremonies, Convocations,

(8)   Commanding Officer Hospital/SEMO            :        1998-2000         

         CMH HQ 4 Corps Area, Lahore



  • General Hospital Administration,
  • Hospital Preparedness for Disaster, Preparations and practices
  • Community Health,
  • Patient Care Duties. Hospital Facility Planning and execution

(9)   2nd  in Command                                                          :        1994-1998

        Military Hospital  35 Division, Bahawalpur



  • Military Exercises for Emergency preparations
  • General Administration   , 
  • Patient care duties,          
  • Community Health                                                                      


(10)   Army Instructor and  Training Officer                  :        1990-1994         

           Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute, Rawalpindi      



  • Post graduate Training
  • Teaching Subject of Community Medicine, Unit Command and Disaster
  • Coordination with Universities
  • Workshops/Seminars





(11)   Officer Commanding  Hospital/Station Health Officer        :        1988-89     

            Military Hospital Mailsi                   



  • General administration
  • Patient care duties
  • Community health

(12)   Officer Commanding Hospital/                       :       1986-88

          Station Health Officer:               

             Military Hospital      D. I.  Khan Cantt



  • Patient care
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Community Health                                                                                              

(13)    General Duty Medical Officer                                 :       1982-86

            Various units Pakistan Army Medical Corps in         

             different areas of Country



  • Emergency   preparedness
  • Field duties
  • Patient care

War/Operational Experience        

  • 1984                Medical Officer at  Siachen  Glaciar during War/Ops                             
  • 2003-04           Commanding Officer of   CMH DI Khan  during WANA Operation
  • 2004-05           Commanding Officer Hospital during Civil War, Liberia, West Africa




  • Appreciation Certificate Operation Lifeline of Earthquake 2005
  • Commendation certificate from United Nations
  • Commendation letters from Government of Liberia, West Africa.
  • Mountaineering Insignia Pakistan Army
  • Clasp to Siachin war medal Pakistan Army


Original Paper Reading



Role of Army Medical Corps                               International Symposium on Disaster at

in Relief and Rehabilitation during                Jinnah Convention Centre Islamabad

Oct 2005 Earthquake                                 -2007


Emergency Preparedness/                           Surgeon General’s Study Period and

Disaster Management                                    Commanders Conference by GHQ




Effects of  Ivermectin and Doxycycline          Journal   of   College  of  on Onchocerciosis – A study in remote districts     Physicians and Surgeons,

in West African Republic, Liberia                                  Pakistan, Karachi



Workshops/Seminars/Conferences attended


International Conference on Disaster Management   Jinnah Convention Centre,  Islamabad


Research Methodology and Medical Writing           GHQ Rawalpind

Tropical and Infectious Diseases                               AFIP Rawalpindi

Contraceptive Technology & Reproductive Health     MoPW Islamabad


Key Attributes

  • As Senior Trainer and directing Staff gains rich teaching experience  in two distinguished Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Institutions (Army Medical College Rawalpindi and Armed Forces Post graduate Medical Institute Rawalpindi), teaches subjects of Disaster Management, Health Care Administration, Health Economics, Medical Statistics, Public Health Administration and other subjects of Community Medicine and Advance Medical Administration to Post graduate doctors, under graduate medical students, Nursing Staff and Paramedics for more than 10 years.
  • In Emergency and Disaster Management,   extensive experience as team leader of  Health Care Team  (Operation Lifeline) during 2005 devastating earthquake in Northern areas of Pakistan  as overall In Charge of all operations in NWFP region related to health including emergency relief and rehabilitation, liaison and coordination with all government and  non government organizations (National and International NGOs). Devised a disciplined operational infrastructure in Operation Lifeline for relief and rehabilitation of Earthquake October 2005 as team leader with the ability to support continued growth.  Have grown or established this new organizations and explored new service delivery opportunities. Successfully managed changes in this complex organization. Extensive involvement and dealing with International and National  Agencies for about one year in NWFP for relief and rehabilitation of earthquake 2005 affectees in monitoring, recording, distributing and reporting of relief goods/funds/hospital equipments & medical supplies.


  •  Being focal person of health cluster, acquired  rich experience of dealing with donor agencies and evolved effective  Disease Early Warning & Reporting system (DEWS)  in the area of responsibility for epidemic identification and prompt action.  Also worked in civil war disaster situation in Liberia – a Western African Republic and worked with multinational health teams. Shows exceptional ability to deliver under pressure and meet operational deadlines. Adapts well to new concepts and responsibilities.


  • At  International level, gains rich competitive understanding of multicultural and multinational managerial systems while operating  in multi – national environment in United Nations mission in Liberia. As a Health Administrator of United Nation Hospital and Chief Health Officer of area of  responsibility, supervised many preventive health programs like  Mother and Child Health, Children Vaccination programs, EPI, AIDs, And Malaria etc. Organized  training of local health teams in vaccination/cold chain procedures.  Plan and implement   AIDs Control Program and other preventive programs in area of responsibility in collaboration with Ministry of Health Liberia, WHO and UNICEF. Also involved in numerous humanitarian activities providing free medical treatment to local civil populace and by establishing free medical camps in far unreachable area in disaster stricken country, Liberia.


  • Vast experience in various executive, administrative and instructional appointments in Armed Forces in ranks of Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel  and Brigadier with a successful track record of leadership and strategic management as head of  several healthcare organizations n Army Medical Corps. Achieved sustained departmental / organizational / service change and improvement and effective workforce engagement.  Lead the development of Health Care Delivery Standards in rapidly growing / stable organizations in the Army Medical Corps. Developed Clinical Standards, Protocols, SOPs, and Job Descriptions for Healthcare Establishments in Armed Forces Hospitals as Commanding Officer.


  • At Managerial Level, supervises growth of big hospital construction projects, manpower, budgeting, equipment procurement,  resources development, scope defining and  various contractual affairs like public private partnership in public health sector. Possesses remarkable aptitude to work in and manage a cross-functional  team across various departments of  larger institutional organizations to ensure that tasked objective are met on time and within budget. Sets up concrete working relationships with professional staff at all levels in a team effort by meeting organization standards of quality and accuracy. Establishes meaningful linkages with related Government departments, Non Government Organizations and philanthropists   for multi sectoral cooperation.
  • Having rich opportunities and scope of developing new projects/programs in army I have attained considerable understanding of program planning, management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation at a higher level. Lead complex processes pertaining to regulation, conducted inspections and audits to test conformity to Standards, Protocols and Standard Operating Procedures development in Armed Forces large Institutes and Units.


  • As Health Care Administrator & Team Leader, manages  military hospitals/institutes, attains  solid experience in the field of health administration primarily related to program planning, execution , monitoring and evaluation  including services delivery and patient care in the hospitals. Supervises  Maternal and Child Health Program, children  Vaccination Program, infection control, malaria control, vaccination, water & sanitation, family planning and School Health  programs etc of  the cantonments.  Proficient in specific types of health administration across the organization like emergency care, extended care and mother and child care while posted in four military hospitals of country  and one United Nations hospital abroad as commanding officer.


  • To promote Medical Education, worked in larger teaching hospitals/institutes with multiple  and diversified environment, dealt with lectures/clinical classes planning  and  conduct of seminars, workshops/symposia  for under graduate and postgraduate  training of doctors/nurses and paramedics. Possesses special expertise/knowhow and experience in examinations and accreditation  formalities of College of Physicians and Surgeons  of Pakistan (CP & SP), various national universities, Pakistan medical and dental council (PMDC) and General Medical Council UK.
  •  Possesses excellent communication skills and Special interest/matching expertise in computer proficiency and network based Health Management Information System (HMIS) which is operational in Pakistan Army(OAS) and United Nations Missions abroad. Has complete mastery of computer softwares like MS Words, MS Power point, MS Excel, Graphics , Internet and has working knowledge of SPSS and Epi Info software.
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