Edwin Raj .S

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Kuzhivillagam, Palliyadi, Kanyakumari Dist

Tamilnadu, India




RN: 49275, RM No: 55662




  • Over 12 years of work experience in various medical units like Accident Emergency, and Pre-Hospital management etc
  • Proven record of reliability and responsibility.
  • Remain calm and professional throughout critical incidents.
  • Strong analytical skills, capable of assessing conditions and implementing appropriate intervention.
  • Resourceful problem solver capable of implementing solutions to complex problems.
  • Possess special sensitivity to meeting diverse needs in varied situations.
  • Develop rapport with patients, family, staff and physicians and direct care of patients.
  • Relate well to people from a variety of cultures and guide and mentor junior team.
  • Operate and maintain monitors of bio-medical equipment.
  • Medical terminology and medication administration skills.
  • Maintain sterile fields and application of dressings.
  • Catheter, IV, suctioning, basic life support, moving and handle training.
  • Charting and documentation of patient care.
  • Acute and chronic care experience.
  • P.C. and Microsoft Office literate.



PMSA MEMORIAL District Co-Operative Hospital, Malappuram, Kerala, India,

Charge ER Nurse/ER Nursing Manager November 2011 – Present

  • Determines nursing interventions based on assessment data. Prioritizes identified needs, implements nursing action and evaluates patient outcomes, develop or revises the plan of care to address indentified patient needs.
  • Co-ordinates the overall clinical activities of the unit when assigned to the charge nurse role. Collaborate with the nursing hour’s supervisor on staffing for a particular shift.
  • Plan, implements and evaluates clinical programs. Evaluates the ability of the patient/family/significant other to understand and participate in decisions about theircare.facilitate patient education Maintains accurate Clinical records.
  • Performs advanced or specialized nursing skills competently and independently.
  • Maintain current knowledge of clinical nursing practice ,Acts as a clinical resource for staff on unit
  • Communicates and consults with other health care disciplines Acts as a patient advocate, Represents nursing at multidisciplinary round
  • Participates in the development of standards, procedure and protocols. Facilitates evidence –based practice. Promotes change in nursing practice.
  • Takes a proactive role under the guidance of nursing Management/Nursing Education in training, education and AE Nursing staff.


Ministry of Interior (DHSA) Kingdom of Bahrain

ER -Staff Nurse,
Feb2007 to Aug 2011

  • Administer first-aid treatment and life-support care to sick or injured persons in pre-hospital setting.
  • Receive patients, assess care needs, and establish priorities (take and record vital signs, observational assessment etc.
  • Perform emergency diagnostic and treatment procedures, such as stomach suction, airway management or heart monitoring, during trauma stabilization.
  • Observe, record, and report to physician or ambulance attendant the patient’s condition or injury, the treatment provided, and allergies to medication or other.
  • Immobilize patient for placement on stretcher and ambulance transport, using backboard or other spinal immobilization device.
  • Assess nature and extent of illness or injury to establish and prioritize medical procedures.
  • Decontaminate equipment following treatment of patient with infectious disease and report case to proper authorities.

RajaRajeswari Medical College Hospital, Bangalore, India
ER -Staff Nurse,
Jan-2004 to Feb-2007

  • Displayed expert clinical skills in managing the critical care of all categories of Emergency Department patients.
  • Reacted effectively in emergency scenarios, demonstrating sound decision-making that helped save patient lives.
  • Statistics and medical history, to determine the circumstances of the emergency, and to administer emergency treatment.
  • Administered drugs, orally and by injection, and performed intravenous procedures under a physician’s direction.
  • Assessed nature and extent of illness and injury to establish and prioritize medical procedures.
  • Operated equipment such as EKGs, external defibrillators and bag-valve mask resuscitators in advanced life-support environments.
  • Administered first-aid treatment and life-support care to sick and injured persons.
  • Coordinated work with other emergency medical team members and police and fire department personnel.
  • Observed, recorded, and reported to physician the patient’s condition and injury, the treatment provided, and reactions to drugs and treatment
  • Provided the orientation and training to new staff, medical students and nursing students

ASRY Medical Centre, HIDD, and Kingdom of Bahrain, Hidd, India
Jan2004 to Dec2004


  • Providing rapid intervention and management in the event of emergencies, and the treatment for critically injured or ill patients, according to competency with attention to detail and in a prompt timely manner.
  • Being able to clearly and accurately communicate relevant information regarding patient condition and care on referral of a patient for definitive care
  • Assisting in promoting ongoing health care to colleagues and show full teamwork.
  • Providing support to colleagues, patients and their families in traumatic situations
  • Maintaining clear, accurate and updated records pertaining to patient care and actions taken, medical, health care and safety issues

APOLLO hospital, Chennai, India

Accident& Emergency Nurse Aug-2001 to Jan-2004


  • Receive the critically ill patients, triage and stabilize the patient by maintaining airway, breathing and circulation.
    • Initiate cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation during acute cardiac and respiratory life threatening conditions.
  • Monitoring vital signs, electro cardiogram (ECG) oxygen saturation (SPO2), central venous pressure (CVP) Glasgow coma Scale (GCS) Intake and output chart.
    • Administer various routes of oral, subcutaneous(SC), Intra muscular (IM), Intra venous (IV), Intra dermal drugs & special drugs like Insulin, Heparin, Cardiac drugs & narcotic controlled drugs.
    • Carryout management of Intra venous fluids & Intra venous infusion, Blood transfusion, inhalation therapy, Nasogastric tube insertion, urinary catheterization, oral, nasal, pharyngeal and tracheotomy suctioning, surgical dressing, gastric gavages enema, nasal packing, bladder and eye irrigation.
    • Collection of specimens (Blood, urine, stool, sputum, vomitus, gastric aspiration, throat and wound swab, culture specimen, arterial blood gas (ABG) specimen) and taking electro cardio gram (ECG).
    • Assist in endotracheal intubation and extubation central line, subclavian line, femoral line, thoracentesis, abdominal paracentesis, lumbar puncture, bone marrow aspiration, suturing and application of casts, traction, splints and slings
    • First aid and nursing management of all types of acute emergencies and various Trauma cases.



Cherrans college of Nursing, Coimbatore, India
Bachelor of Nursing, 1996– 2000


Moving and handling, Basic life support (BLS), Fire safety, dementia care, communication, ACLS, ATCN, infection control etc

HIV/AIDS& ART Training for Nurses, Infusion therapy




Name    :    Edwin Raj .S

Sex    :    Male

Date of Birth    :    23- 05- 1979

Marital Status    :    Married

Nationality    :    Indian

Religion    :    Christian

Languages known    :    English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil


Passport Details:


Passport No    :    F-6100444

Passport expiry    :    12-10-2016

Driving license :
TN7520120001146 (India)

References     :    can be provided on request









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