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Curriculum Vitae

  1. Personal Details .


Date of Birth:        8 January, 1960

Martial Status:        Married

Postal Address:

4-NC Murree Cantt Pakistan PUNJAB


Telephone: Landline: 0092512516678

Mobile: 00923009564902


Medical Condition Fit Medically

Motor Vehicle License : Yes eligible to drive

  1. Career Objective.

To contribute public health knowledge and skills for improving health management and the quality of Health Services.To plan implement and evaluate health strategies to achieve quality health care.Management and administration of an entire health care system and setups.


3.    Language Skills

    English language.         Well conversant


4. Professional Education Graduate & Post-Graduate


1. Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS) —1983

Army Medical College ,Rawalpindi,Pakistan

Quaid-e-Azam University



2. M.Sc (Advanced Medical Administartion) —–2004

Armed Forces Post graduate Medical Institute, Rawalpindi

Quaid-e-Azam University



5.    Publications/Research Work:

a. Books written and published

  • Health guide for troops in State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir


  • First aid book for troops in State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir


b. Studies done on following subjects.

  • Psychiatric illnesses
  • Prevalence of heart diseases.
  • Water pollution sources.
  • Assessment of health care system.



6.    Professional Memberships:


Registered with following medical councils and authorized to practice Medicine Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

1. Pakistan Medical and Dental Council .Pakistan (1983 to date)


7.    Training


Attended a no of health care management workshops with college of surgeons and physicians pakistan

8. Teaching Experience

  • Health education of the paramedical staff and troops about Infectious diseases and personnel hygiene for the last 16 years.

9. Computer Skills

I am competent in the use of information technology, data processing and presentation skills. I am particularly skilled in the use of word processors, and have a working knowledge of database management

9.    Work History

Chief Exec 400 beds tertiary care hospital 2011=2012 Deputy Chief Exec Director Army Cardiac Centre 2010- DirectorMedical Services Lahore Zone 2011

. Director Health and Medical Services. (2006 –2009)

State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir


  • Managing five field surgical hospitals and three tertiary care hospitals.

  • Future health planning
  • Formulating medical plan
  • laying guidelines on health matters
  • Collection, analysing and decision making of health information data.
  • Human resource management.
  • Family Planning.15 yrs experience of planning and executing policies and campaigns
  • Procurement of medicines and logistics for Hospitals
  • Coordination and planning of patient evacuation using 200 ambulances and air evacuation.
  • Planning and implementing evacuation policies.
  • Family planning. Planning and execution campaigns.
  • Health Planning And Strategies
  • Planning and organizing medical set ups
  • Planning and organizing health care systems in urban as well as rural for control of hepatitis ,malaria, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.
  • Monitoring of health care delivery setups to assess quality of care and function.
  • Actively involved in formulating policies for immunization
  • Had successfully controlled epidemics of hepatitis and meningitis in army units.

    Deputy Executive (2002 – 2006)

500 bedded hospital

  • Public dealing
  • Dealing with patients on ethical issues
  • Interaction with other organisation asking for medical services. Supervision of hospital infection control programme
  • Ambulance Services
  • Supervising doctors and nursing staff of hospitals.
  • lectures on various health topics and prevention of diseases to doctors and paramedical staff incl teaching med adm subjects and clinical subjects with demos to postgraduate students.

Chief Execu tive 1999 – 2002 400 bedded hospital

Deputy Executive 1997 – 1999

        100 bedded hosp

Deputy Executive Moroccan and Swedish hospital. (1994-995)

Somalia (UN Mission).

Medical Officer Pakistan Armed Forces (1984–1992)

  • Health education of the troops and their families
  • Teaching paramedics about prevention of disease
  • Dealing with the management of emergencies and general practice
  • Running free medical camps and conducting health education sessions in far underdevelop areas during heart and mind winning operation.
  • Management of admitted cases.
  • Primary health care physician.
  • Screening for the diseases.
  • Occupational safety
  • Health education


g.    House Job. (1982—1983)

        06 months in general medicine and allied subjects and 06

        months in general surgery and allied subj



Commendation Certificates from United Nations Sitara e Imtiaz from Army Medical Corps

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