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Curriculum Vitae

Vadym Pysarenko from Sevastopol, Ukraine



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Сurriculum vitae

Pysarenko Vadym

Personal data



Date of Birth: 22.08.1971
Country of Birth: Sevastopol, Ukraine
citizenship: Ukrainian
Marital status: Married






1978–1988 Middle School in Simferopol, Ukraine
1988 Secondary education






Sept. 1988–June 1994 Studies, State Medical University in Simferopol, Ukraine
Degree: primary care pediatrician
Sept. 1994–June. 1996 Sept. 1994-June. 1996  doctor: State Medical University in Simferopol,Ukraine
Major: pediatrician
Diploma: pediatrician
Apr. 1997–July. 1997 Doctor: State Medical Academy in Kiev, Ukraine
Field: Dermatology and Venerology children
Diploma: Doctor for children Dermatology and Venerology

Ы Sept. 2008

Doctor: State Medical University, Donetsk, Ukraine
Field: Dermatology and Venerology
Diploma: Doctor of Dermatology and Venereology of the 2nd degree



Sept. 1994–Jun. 1996 State Children’s Hospital in Sevastopol, Ukraine
Your job: pediatrician helpers
July. 1996–Jan. 2000 State dermatological clinic in Simferopol, Ukraine
Your job: doctor for children Dermatology and Venerology
Jan. 2000–Jan. 2002 State Regional Hospital in Nalut, Lybia
Your job:specialist dermatologist
Apr. 2002–Oct. 2011 State dermatological hospital in Sevastopol, Ukraine
Function: Dermatology and Venereology
Apr. 2004–Sept. 2008 Head of the dermatology department in Sevastopol State Dermatology Hospital
Function: Dermatology and Venereology






Language skills: English (B 2.2), German (A 2.2), Ukrainian (fluent), Russian (native), Spanish (a bit), Arabic (something)
interests: Interests: medicine, literature, travel, music, cinema, sports, foreign languages, Cars, Garden



Pysarenko Vadym
Medical activities in the period September 1994 to October 2011

Sept. 1994–June. 1996 Physician assistants in the State Children’s Hospital in Sevastopol, Ukraine
• Intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous, intradermal injections
• Catheterization of peripheral veins
• Stomach siphoning
• give enemas
• Catheterization of the bladder
• ventilation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation
• Determination of blood sugar
• Drip-infusion
• immobilization of fractures of the extremities
• make associations
• Treatment of wounds
• Transportation of patients to hospital
• observation of patients with lung – heart – Endocrinology and hospitalcharacteristics, etc.
July 1996–Jan. 2000

Spezialist dermatovenerologist
The State Republik Dermatovenerological Hospital Simferopol, Ukraine
• Treatment of infection skin diseases and chronic dermatoses
• treatment of diseases Venerological

Jan. 2000–Jan. 2002

dermatologist doctor
The regional state hospital Lybia, Nalut
Treatment of all types of skin diseases
• Leyshmaniosis
• Actynomycosis etc.

Apr. 2002–Oct. 2003

dermatologist doctor
The State Dermato-Venereal Clinic Sevastopol, Ukraine
Treatment of children (office hours)
Treatment of all types of children’s skin diseases
• atopic dermatitis
• scleroderma
• Mycosis
• Mastocytosis
• Streptodermia
• psoriasis, etc.

Apr. 2004–Sept. 2008

The head of the dermatology department (for children and adults) in the SevastopolState Dermato-Venereal Clinic.
Specialist dermatovenerologist
Treatment of serious diseases dermatovenerological
• psoriasis
• sclerodermia
• lupus erythematosis
• Lymphoma
• Syfylis
• atopic dermatitis
• scabies
• rubrum lichen planum
• Eczema
• parapsoriasis
• Dermatomycosis etc.

Sept. 2008–Oct. 2011

Specialist dermatovenerologist
The State Dermato-Venereal Clinic Sevastopol, Ukraine
All kinds of help dermatovenerological
• Separate phototherapy
• Biopsy etc.

Dec. 2008–Feb. 2009 Physician and dermatologist andrologist (men doctor)
The private clinic “Euromedzentrum” in Iraq, Erbil
Diagnosis and treatment of the male diseases.
Treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of male genital
Apr. 2009–Oct. 2011 Specialist Dermatovenerologist
Psychiatric hospital in Sevastopol, Ukraine
All kinds of help dermatovenerology

Incl: Nervous syphylis
Sept. 2009–Oct. 2011Specialist in Venereal
International Centre of Women’s Initiative Sevastopol, Ukraine.
Treatment of all sexual problems and venereal of homosexualists, drugaddicts and prostitutes
June. 2011–Oct. 2011

Consultant Dermatologist
Spa-salon five-star hotel “Aquamarine” Sevastopol, Ukraine
Cosmetological consultations for the issue in solving the problems of cosmetology.



P.S. At first this resume made on germany and then translate on English. Sorry for possible mistakes. Sincerely yours doctor dermatologist Vadym Pysarenko.

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