Gray’s Anatomy: The Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice, 41st edition

By | December 13, 2023

Gray’s Anatomy remains the gold standard textbook of human anatomy. Now in its 41st edition, it continues to present the subject in a clear, concise manner appropriate for medical students and clinicians alike.

Across more than 1100 pages, the book delivers a comprehensive overview of normal human anatomy through both descriptive text and exquisite anatomical illustrations. Over 400 new radiology images have been added to previous editions, enhancing understanding of anatomical structures.

Individual chapters are logically arranged by anatomical region, from upper limb to lower limb to thorax. Each focuses on clinical correlations to directly relate anatomical knowledge to physical diagnosis and medical/surgical procedures. Consistent incorporation of applied anatomy keeps readers cognizant of anatomy’s fundamental role in medical practice.

Given the wealth of anatomical detail, the book understands that less is sometimes more by highlighting only the most clinically significant structures. Key features sections at the start of chapters provide guidance on navigating content. Radiology overviews appear throughout to facilitate the interpretation of medical images.

Anatomical terminology remains uniformly defined using recommended Latin anatomical terms whilst honoring evolving global standards. Updates cover advances in neuroscience, musculoskeletal MRI and developmental embryology. The text’s scope has also broadened to reflect more integrated, system-based specialties.

The visual catalog of human anatomy remains Gray’s hallmark attribute, with over 800 painstakingly detailed drawings and photographs contributed by a team of leading anatomists and medical illustrators. Layered images depict muscles and viscera in situ. Views range from microanatomy to full cadaver dissections.

As the anatomy reference of choice in medical education worldwide, Gray’s maintains its position at the forefront of the discipline through diligent editorial and illustrative revisions mirroring changes in clinical and educational practices. Its classical blend of words and images equips health professionals with an anatomical knowledgebase as enduring as the human body itself.

After four decades, Gray’s Anatomy retains its place as an essential textbook for students embarking on a medical career as well as a valid refresher for specialists. Its application of anatomy to medical diagnosis and therapy ensures continued relevance in an evolving healthcare landscape.

Author: Susan Standring PhD DSc

Edition: 41st


ISBN-10: 0702052302

ISBN-13: 978-0702052309

Release date : 15th October 2015

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