Establishment of Maternity Homes:

By | May 12, 2012


Narrative Summary Objectively verifiable indicators Means   of verification Important Assumptions
Goals / Objectives1. 33% reduction in maternal mortality ratio after three years of project implementation 1. MMR2. Live Births3. Maternal Deaths 1. LHW monthly Report2. Maternity Homes and EmOC Record 1. LHW will report correct information regularly on monthly basis
Project Purpose1. Establishment of maternity homes at union council level by trained midwives.2. Increase in deliveries conducted by skilled birth attendants 1.1 one maternity home in two union councils1.2 midwifery certificate2. Deliveries conducted by skilled birth attendants 1.1 physical versification1.2 midwifery school record1.3 maternity homes and EmOC record 1. Acceptance of maternity homes by community
Output / Results1.1  Availability of trained midwives2.1 increase in maternal care examination by LHWs2.2 Establishment of Emergency obstetric care centers2.3 establishment of referral system

2.4 increase in awareness in community regarding maternal care

2.5 establishment of maternal fund

1.1 number of trained midwives2.1 number of pregnant women examination by LHWs2.2 number of EmOC at central level2.3 number of pregnant women referred to maternity homes and EmOCs2.4a number of pregnant women registered in maternity homes and EmOCs

2.4b increase in health education level of community

2.5 number of women benefited



1.1 midwifery school record2.1 LHW registers2.2 physical verification2.3 maternity homes and EmOC record2.4 LHS monitoring reports

2.5 Physical verification

1. Government will show keen interest in establishing maternity homes2. matriculation passed married women will be available at union council level3. Lady doctors will be interested in establishing EmOCs
Inputs / Activities1.1a agreement with district government1.1b selection of local suitable candidates1.3c one year quality midwifery training2.1a training of LHWs on maternal care

2.1b provisions of equipments to LHWs

2.2a identification and selection of locally practicing lady doctors

2.2b agreement with lady doctors

2.3a establishing linkages among LHWs, midwives and lady doctors

2.4a health education of community on maternal care by LHWs

2.5a Establishment of community maternity fund committee

2.5b monitoring of maternity funds

1.1a MOU, government support1.1b midwives stipend fund1.3c training curriculum, stationary availability of seats, trainers, books, stationary, availability of seats, trainers, hospital for practical work2.1a maternal care curriculum, stipend for master trainers, book and stationary2.1b equipments

2.2a lady doctors at center level

2.3a referral slips

2.5aCommunity involvement

2.5c staff

1. community will take interest in establishing maternity und committee2. trainers will train midwives with full commitment3. LHWs will take interest in learning maternal care