Nasal Polyps

By | May 14, 2012


Nasal polyps are non-neoplastic masses of edematous nasal or sinus mucosa


Approx 1-2 percent in general population


Nasal polyps are classified into 2 main categories.

Ethmoidal polyp

There is edematous hypertrophy of submucosa with loose fibrous stroma.

Antrocoanal polyp

This polyp arises from the mucosa of maxillary antrum near its accessory ostium, comes out and grows in choana and nasal cavity 

Prevention of recurrence of nasal polyp


Identify the underlying cause  of polyps and treat it accordingly.


Complication of nasal polyp


Nasal obstruction,  Insomnia, Sinusitis,   Respiratory tract infections,    Broadening of nose


Points to remember


Differential diagnosis