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Dr. Tauseefullah Akhund M.B.B.S, MPH (Sydney), (Australia)


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Construct a Budget.


Students are required to develop a new cost centre with income earning potential and develop a zero based budget i.e. from scratch, for a project of their choice. The proposed topic must be discussed with the Lecturer and approved by week 6. Student visits are to be negotiated to facilitate this assignment. Content should include the following:

A one page executive summary outlining those key points that would convince management to fund your project.

The business case i.e. rationale, evidence of need, description of the proposed service with a minimum of ten new staff, facility to be used e.g. rental, equipment, travel, etc.

Cost projections by line items e.g. salaries and wages by staff category including on costs; RMR, etc. and any anticipated offsets e.g. savings from existing services to be achieved by the new proposal. And / or opportunities for earned income.

A break-even analysis, including diagram.




The proposal of “Nursing Home for Aged People” is the best opportunity to earn income by helping older peoples. The rate of Aged people in Australia is increasing rapidly; unfortunately the total numbers of Nursing Homes are unable to fulfil this need. According to Australian Institute of Health & Welfare and Australian Bureau of Statistics Research to older people, it is very clear that the New South Wales needs more Nursing Homes to fulfil the needs of older peoples. Therefore it is the best opportunity to build a Nursing Home Care for Aged People not only to help them but also to earn money. The proposal of a Nursing Home for Aged people in NSW is based on Accreditation Grant Principle 1999, the 18 beds with nine bedrooms attached en suite. All the basic needs and facilities are provided. The Cost of residential aged care facility ranges about $125,000 with full facilities. The Nursing Home facility life expectancy commonly can stand to 20 years. It will provide all facilities to attract and provides good services to the residents. The Nursing Home life expectancy target is for about 20 years and Nursing Home will breakeven in five years with the given proposal and the next five years are the opportunities to earn income The proposed Nursing Home promises the investors for the opportunities to earn handsome return from their investment.


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